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HOWTO: Make replacement MR-CE Brow Trim

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OK, so from reading around I'm not the only one that ripped the brow trim trying to remove it from my MR-CE helmet. I was able to use an item available at most any Lowe's or Home Depot. "Door Bottom" trim. I beleive this item is around $12.


This is the label on the packaging. It is a long piece of aluminum with the rubber trim packaged along with it.



The rubber seal is all we will be dealing with for this. It looks like this. (mine has some paint overspray on it, otherwise it is totally black). Place some tape on the flat side to protect the trim from scratches.




You're probably wondering how this is going to work at this point, read on.



You will need to cut off the protruding rubber on both sides like this. Take your time using a very sharp knife and just run along the edge of the rubber.



You should end up with a 'D' shaped seal like this.



Next, trim off all the little wipers from the rounded portion of the rubber. Again, take your time. It is not necessary to make the cut extremely close in this step.



It should now look like this. It has some left over bumps from the wipers.



Use a dremel with a sanding drum to smooth out the bumps left over from trimming the wipers off. Keep the dremel moving around so as not to remove too much. You only want to level out the back rounded portion of the trim.



After using the dremel I used some 100 grit sandpaper just to make the surface uniform. It is completely smooth only with a matte surface.



Now line up whats left of your original brow trim with the new trim and use tape to mark out the new trim. You will need to carefully cut along this line so as not to cut through the front of the trim.



Next you will need to cut the scrap piece off the back of the flat portion of the trim like this. I like using the edge of a workbench and slowly working my way across the trim almost like opening a letter. Cut carefully because this will be the top edge of the brow trim. 


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If you have any high spots left on the back, carefully use the sanding drum to make it level. Take your time and be careful not to take off too much material.



After you're all done you should end up with a nice 'J' shaped brow trim. The MR is on the right, and mine is on the left.



The rounded part of the J gets tucked up under the dome and on mine is held in place with just the pressure from the dome against it. I found it goes in easier if the ears are off, but it can go on with them attached. The trick is in how you squeeze the dome. Compressing the left and right sides opens up the brow to insert the rubber, and compressing the front and back opens up the sides allowing the rubber in. Since I only have 2 hands I used my knees to squeeze the dome.


The end result. I hope this info has been helpful.



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You saved my bucket! As I took my brow trim off it fell apart. It tore in so many areas I don't

have much of it left actually.


This is a huge help to me man...thanks a ton! I'm sure more will find this tutorial helpful too!


^^ Props!! ^^

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I was just thinking that one could probably do all of the cuts except the small wipers with a good sharp pair of Fiskars. If you hold the trim just right you can line it up against the wide part of one of the scissor blades and then slowly cut. It should cut directly against the side of the rubber because it's using the scissor blade pressed against the rubber as a straight edge. Then the cut down the middle where it's marked out by tape would just be a simple cut along the line. The cut to remove the scrap piece from the flat part would work the same as for the side pieces, just butt the flat part of the rubber against the wide part of the scissor blade and cut slowly. It should make a clean cut. I'll have to experiment with this, but it will have to wait until next week. I'll add updated pics if it works.



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Wow! I was wondering how to deal with the brow. I just started to remove it the other night after breaking an ear. Replacement ears are being handled.


Although I am an army of all thumbs, the pictures and directions you posted should allow me to handle this task with relative ease.


Thanks a million.

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