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Captain Phasma CRL Discussion

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I'm unsure of this will be of any help to anyone (including myself) intending to build their Phasma costume, but I did a bit of digging and found out  what the actual on screen TFA Phasma armor is made out of, part by part. The parts are as follows:


Helmet -- Chrome vacuum-plated 3-D printed nylon

Cape -- Cotton canvas coated and painted with binder

Armor -- Chrome vacuum-plated molded polyurethane

Undersuit -- Cotton lycra

Gussets -- Molded rubber and cotton and lycra

Collar -- Neoprene and rubber

Belt -- Rubber

Gloves -- Chrome-painted 3-D printed fingers over leather

Boots -- Chrome vacuum-plated polyurethane armor over leather


Just consider it a reference, I guess? Just trying to help my fellow Troopers (even if I'm technically not one. Yet.)

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Btw the CRL for TFA the upper sabatons(the armor pieces on the boot) are pictured with incorrect placement. the top edge should go under the spats not on top of it. It always looking wrong to me but I just figured it out today. They were displayed wrong in the prop show.  Scenes in the TFA shows with it under but also showed with it slightly over. I think they are meant to be placed under like every other set of sabaton I have seen on every other suit of amor. I think that during shooting they had a tendency to pop out of placement because of the method of attachment. Its shown here slightly above and then below the spats. Lastly if you look at the visual dictionary for the force awakens, it shows the sabatons under the spats. 
So that's my reasoning for why the spats have incorrect placement.
Hello! This was a debate at one point on the FB page that we have not sure of on here exactly. But the sabatons are supposed to go on top of the spats for TFA. The suit was thrown together in the last bit of filming because the character wasnt part of the script till the end(hence the minimal amount of screen time in TFA). That's why she also has the outer shins in TFA and not TLJ. They needed to make longer legs or something but didnt have time or some jazz. Who knows. The suit is even held together in some parts with alumin tape lol! But you do see them in the BTS shots with them over the spats as well. And when they set the suit up at Celebration they were that way as too.

Glad to see another Phasma in the works!! Cant wait to see it. Do you have a build thread already? Or on the FB group too? Just curious

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