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  1. Simply gorgeous build, man. You should have no problem getting approved for Centurion.
  2. Great pics! I loved the one of you and your fellow stormies by the water, Q! And the little AT-AT was a nice touch
  3. So...I have a question about the CRL's for both TFA Phasma and TLJ Phasma regarding the boots. The CRL for TFA Phasma (and TLJ Phasma at the moment) states that , "Boots are black suede, leather, or leather-like, absent of laces, with no pronounced heel." Now, by "pronounced heel" are we talking like a straight up high heel similar to women's heels? Also, the thing I'm most confused about when it comes to the WIP CRL for TLJ Phasma's boots is that it states, " Boots must be FO style (side zip)" when it comes to lv2/lv3 approval. Does this mean that, so long as the boot is black (suede, leather, or leather-like) with no pronounced heel (a la women's high heels) and has a side zipper, it fulfills the requirements for lv2/lv3 approval?
  4. Haha, yeah, you wouldn't be the first one to think it was a rather ambitious decision to go with Phasma as my first build, but to be completely honest with you, I'm not feeling nearly as intimidated by it as I thought I would. At the moment, anyway. Might be a different story once I actually get my BBB full of armor parts, lol. Still, I'm looking forward to it! And I've always got people here and on the Captain Phasma Costumers FB group to help steer me in the right direction
  5. So much information! Thank you for providing such a detailed overview of the process, with pictures too! I'm a costume newbie looking to build a lv3 Captain Phasma for 501st approval as my first ever build, so any highly detailed information about the actual building process is MUCH appreciated. Definitely worthy of a bookmark!
  6. "Armor bite"? After reading about the nature calls factor, I think I'm going with a separate top/bottom setup, lol. Plus the shiny shorts.
  7. Yeah, I watched a brief review of the Rubies' one on youtube and the reviewer said it was really small and "thin", but would suffice for just typical cosplay. But, as I'm sure many can attest to, the 501st isn't "typical" cosplay, lol. What are the Pro's and Con's of a 3D printed Phasma rifle vs. a resin build? Looking forward, I want to be as comfortable as possible while trooping, so I don't want a rifle with too much heft that it makes my arms sore, but enough so that it feels like I'm actually holding something and not just a hollow object.
  8. I know blasters aren't required for basic approval into the 501st, but are required for EIB and Centurion levels. Regarding Phasma's F-11D for Centurion status -- and this is only a hypothetical question -- would something like the Rubies' blaster suffice, so long as it was modded to appear more screen accurate (include the LEDs and the torch, etc.)? Or would I need something more substantial? I'm probably going to be getting something far more substantial for my build -- "If you're going to do something, do it right." is what my dad always says -- but I'm just trying to satisfy my curiosity.
  9. Bah! It will take more than fire to kill me!
  10. Oh wow...this is tempting... One question though, how hard would the version with the stock be to chrome (either DIY or otherwise)?
  11. Is it wrong that I'm already filled with so much excitement and I haven't even started my build yet? Like, I'm generally a super shy, socially awkward person, but seeing everybody having so much fun...makes me feel more comfortable, I guess? Like, I already feel like part of the family, if that makes more sense.
  12. Hi there, fellow female stormie-in-training! I can understand being nervous about the whole thing. I am too, but it's OK! I've only been here a few days myself, and everyone has been rather helpful and answered whatever questions I've had -- and since I'm going to be Phasma, I've had a LOT of questions, lol. The good thing is though that since everyone is so helpful, it helps to take away a bit of the nerves. Good luck to you, and long live the First Order!
  13. Thank you so much for the detailed reply! I admit, seeing the progress photos of this from fitting to completion has me rather excited!
  14. Wow! This came out fantastic! I have some questions, hope you don't mind, as I'm terribly close to pulling the trigger on acquiring a Captain Phasma kit from Jimi... Well, the helmet at least, lol. As I've never done this before, I'm doing baby steps. If I can handle the helmet and it comes out great, then I'll acquire the armor next. What is the quality of the kit like? I understand it's a type of flexible fiberglass. Concerning the overall process, I assume that once the parts are accounted for (nothing missing, etc.) you try a test fit to gauge what needs to be modified (I'm even shorter than your wife at 5'3" so I'm already assuming I'll have to do some heavy modifying of the armor itself) and then get to work trimming and the like? In regards to the chrome, how durable is the Spaz-tix compared to something like Alclad or even a chrome wrap? Regarding the hand/finger armor, does it -- especially the C3PO style fingers (which were changed in TLJ to be more like medieval style fingers) -- hamper the ability to hold/grip things? And lastly -- where did you get the rifle?
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