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Ok crazy thought here.  How many TFA people are looking at weathering their armor?  I like the all white suit, but I also kinda dig the weathered version.  It puts the costume more in line with all of the other suits.  Clones were filthy, the TK were always a mess and falling apart.  So the shot that we see of dirty TFA is something I am interested in.  Just curious what others thoughts are on the idea. 

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The best type of weathering happens with actual use. I plan on being shiny and parade ready for the December premiere, but after that I'm just going to let it happen naturally.


I took the same approach with my ESB TK - I was all spit-and-polish when I debuted it at C5 in 2010, and haven't done any cleanup to it (other than wiping sweat out of the interior) since. Five years later, I have a suit that looks every bit as beat up as we know the screen-used ESB kits were. ;)

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I will decide after I see the movie, since I will not have my set until after the movie. But I really want to see what is more common in the movie. If there seems to be more clean ones, I will weather mine, and vice verse.

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