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HOW TO: Hotwire the Hasbro Clone "Build Your Own Blaster" to play the DLT-19 sound only (with rapid-fire!)


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Hey guys:


In investigating the effort it might take to put together a passable DLT-19 for my coming Anovos armor build, I noticed a lot of people using the Hasbro "Build Your Own Blaster" (Clone Commander Blaster) as a base for what is essentially a PVC pipe build.  




As you may know, this blaster comes in pieces, and you can attach the pieces in various configurations to make different kinds of blasters. There are 7-8 different firing sounds that go off when you pull the trigger, the selection of which depends on what parts you have attached to the main "core grip" piece. What isn't quite clear on the packaging is that you cannot control the sounds except by having certain parts attached in certain ways. This is a shame, because the sounds are all great, and when you have all the pieces stacked into the full length rifle, the blaster plays a perfect DLT-19 sound effect (similar to AT-AT walker blasters in ESB).


But how do we get it to play that sound when all you want to use is the core grip (and maybe the stock)? I took a risk and bought a used blaster on eBay, gambling that I could figure out a way to hotwire it somehow so that I could get the blaster to play the DLT-19 rifle sound (complete with rapid fire capability), yet not have any of the parts attached.


Turns out that this was a very easy mod to make, and only requires a soldering iron and a few inches of basic solder. I have no knowledge or skill with a soldering iron, but I can tell you that this was not a problem. I did not have to open up the blaster at all, although you could achieve the same results by connecting the right wires inside. Me, I wanted to spend no more than 5 minutes of unskilled soldering and be done.


So let's have a look at the core grip. If you look in at the barrel end, you will see a bunch of pins. They are spring loaded, but they do not need to be pushed in. Instead, the right combination of pins need to be connected in order for a particular sound effect to be selected:




See those three pins? Just use something conductive: a wire, solder, aluminum foil, anything metal to join them, completing a particular circuit, and you will have the DLT-19 sound permanently selected.


All I did was put a large glob of solder between the three pins. My process was messy and unprofessional, but a glob at the base of the three pins (and touching no other pins) was all it took:




The pins don't necessarily have to be joined at their tips, since they are all metal. It's easier just to put the drops of solder at the base of them all.


Once the solder cools and you turn the blaster on, voila! DLT-19 rifle sounds only!


I then decided to take this one step further. I noticed that when the blue plastic magazine is plugged in to the core grip, all the blaster's sound effects become "rapid-fire" capable, meaning you can hit the trigger in rapid succession and repeat the sound effect.


The cavity where the magazine plugs in looks like this (ignore the scope, it is not necessary):




After some testing, I realized that if you somehow connect the rear two "squares" to each other, the blaster thinks the magazine is plugged in at all times. I accomplished this by dropping a glob of solder on each of the two squares, followed by a glob of solder between them, thus joining up all three.




We're done! Wanna see it in action? Here's my YouTube video, trying it out after everything was done:



If you're familiar with this toy, you know that every few shots, the shooting sound effect is followed by a random explosion sound. This feature is still present after this mod. Also, after excessive out-of-control rapid firing for several seconds :D, I sometimes have to turn the blaster off and then back on to reset it. I think this is typical as well.


So there you go, simple, cheap, and easy to turn a really cool toy into the basis for a homemade DLT-19, complete with the proper sound effect.


These blasters are out of production and quite expensive in the original packaging, but there are quite a few very affordable used ones on eBay, especially if you go for just the core grip and stock.


Hope someone can get some benefit from this!



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Was going to look into this soon as I'm in the middle of a clone build and I have that blaster sitting to one side, thanks for the work, saves me sitting there working it out scratching my head ;)

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Interesting bit of learning i got from this blaster: I learned that it seems to only allow 21 rapid-fire shots before it automatically forces you to single shot mode. Turning it off and on resets it. This happens whether you mod it or not.


Not that this is a big deal, just fascinating.



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20 hours ago, Frost said:

Do you know where I could by spare parts for this? 

See them pop up from time to time on eBay 

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