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Plasma Rifle (Flamethrower) Build For My ICN


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According to and inspired by dashrazor's brilliant thread I gathered all the information I could get and set up a parts list and made plans for constructing my own custom made plasma rifle. I kept an eye on using standard parts and not the most exotic ones. They should be easy to get at DIY or online.

My plasma rifle build is mainly based on a G36 soft air rifle a 75mm HT drainpipe and a tin for coffee pads. In its final state the flamethrower constists of three major parts, that can be easily put together. The red tube in the middle (the "ignitor") holds a little gimmick: A small iluminated neon wire wrapped around a tube which should simulate the working Flametrower ;)

Here are some pics of the finalized rifle (it was just slightly weatherd in final state after taking these pics):


... and action !!! :D


Here are some more pics from my gallery just click at one of the following thumbnails to enlarge ...

p1080673byudj.jpg p1080674kwuck.jpg p1080675j2uqf.jpg p1080676n2uut.jpg p1080677xiuc0.jpg p1080678rkuql.jpg p1080679e2ueb.jpg p1080680qfu84.jpg p1080681w4u97.jpg p108068365sd3.jpg p1080503i6kd7.jpg p108051464j03.jpg p1080517u5km0.jpg p1080522y0j6a.jpg p1080524mfk4i.jpg p10805260gkgo.jpg p1080528p4k7v.jpg p1080535gijm8.jpg p1080628abk81.jpg p10806314zj70.jpg p1080637k5k6k.jpg p10806405ykom.jpg p1080646brkqx.jpg p1080650eekh6.jpg p1080656vrjju.jpg p1080670i8kf3.jpg

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Bloody brilliant!


(And I can spot the coffee pot :laugh1:)


I always like completely handmade stuff as the ingenuity constantly baffles me!

Cleanly executed and a joy to look at!


Any video of the light effect?

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Thanks for the KUDOS :D I added a link to the video download to the post. But it's in a very early state of the build ...

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I found the puoches in Munich at a gunshmith's shop. They originally were brown but I dyed them black.

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