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TMacken McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper Build

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Well, I was working on a test fitting yesterday, but from reading the CRL, I won't get approved, because my aerators on my bucket aren't white. Not sure if the CRL will change. 




Some completed bucket pics.







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Hum, the CRl isn't based on the same helmet version you have.


Yours is based on this one, and they appear grey/metallic so i don't think it should be a problem.




Thanks, the5thHorseman, I'll talk to my GML about it.  I'm not sure if the GML can approve without a CRL change or not. 

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Looks excellent, i love the lightsaber :)


i would just have fitted more the thighs. Mcquarries troopers are very form fitted:



That's something I'll do in the future, I didn't realize they would look so huge on me. But I would say it didn't come out bad for a 15 day build.

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Looks like I made Reddit. 50,000 views, you're armor is sure getting a lot of exposure Kevin.





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Got my approval today. Had to adjust a few things from when the pics were taken, so the pic's don't show everything finalized. 










And this is my favorite from the con, I finished this trooper for. It's not an approved lightsaber, but it is what I had. 


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