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  1. Used this one on Chrome and it's working: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-embed-fix/naolkcpnnlofnnghnmfegnfnflicjjgj?hl=en
  2. Comparing the AP lid to the NE ... AP on the left and NE on the right.
  3. You can always paint some scrap and let it dry then compare it with the decal color. Though it'd have to be way off for anyone to notice.
  4. Post-build is in full swing. Extra parts up for sale. NE helmet finished. Blaster finished. TK number proudly received. Shopping for my rolling storage today. Thank you BIg Brown Box for bringing the joy and pain, and for being the build hub for almost 2 years. Peace out, Box!
  5. "The ruined forearm still dont know what to do. I have this picture as a demo, I know the seams are supposed to be at the top, and the inner strip came off when I was working on them. Just wanted to show how badly it curled up because of getting called away while heating to try to make it fit better. My attempts to fix only made it worse. " This doesn't look as bad as you think. What you may have not realized is that one forearm is rounder than the other. Was this the one that was more oval? Either way, I think you can trim the overcurled portions carefully, use a wider inside shim to join the halves, and then strategically position the outer strip to finish it off. You may need to add material at the widest point. That's a brief synopsis. Does it make sense? I can doodle up a small example if you need! But I think this is totally fixable. Hopefully others would agree.
  6. Throw up a pic of the damage. You'd be surprised what is fixable and also lots can be hidden. Don't be too discouraged, you've got the rest of the suit to build up and it's sort of a rite of passage to mess up. We may be able to guide you through a repair just by showing us. At the least, an extra forearm from somewhere will turn up.
  7. Oh, and I forgot to mention I painted the inside of the lid with a space background!
  8. Been busy with the holidays so no luck in taking EIB pics. And I missed amazing TFA opening troops. Sad day. Started tinkering with the NE helmet a few weeks ago and then in the wee hours of Christmas eve night I couldn't sleep so I finished up the paint details at 2am. The frown is a tad lower than I intended but the pre-cut ears ended up being kind of a pain so the frown is a result of some front and back repositioning to compensate for the right ear not fitting well. I sanded and trimmed to get a better fit but the most noticeable gap is the back of the right ear. This helmet is meant to be the toss around, "keep on the coffee table" lid so I'm not too worried about it. Only differences with this build compared to my AP is I hand painted the rear trap vent lines and I went with pre-cut vinyl for the tube stripes out of convenience/speed. Need to order a plain ole acetate lens for the eyes. Happy Holidays!
  9. Update pics coming ... butt mods look good. Finished my blaster too finally. Just in time for the controversy.
  10. Well, weekends have been pretty gloomy the past month here, so I tried to take pictures for EIB in the living room today. I didn't like how the lighting came out. But I had fun with the kids .... Since getting my TK number I've missed about half a dozen troops. Looks like family time will still be in the way for the next couple years. Time to get babysitters on deck.
  11. Thanks, Germain! And again, thanks for all your help. (And thoughts with you and your countrymen. Hope your friends and family are safe.) Definitely not the world record for fastest armor build. Blaster is almost done!
  12. TK42113 reporting for duty! Phase 1 complete. Prepping for EIB here in the next week. Been working on my blaster mostly, and made some more butt adjustments. Extremely stoked to be officially part of the Legion. This may be the pinnacle of my geekdom ... for all things. This is sooo much fun!
  13. Thanks, Walter! That rivet just goes through velcro the patch and the elastic strap. That way I can adjust the thighs accordingly. It's been great to be able to move it around. The reason it's not sewn on is because I used sticky back velcro that I already had, and it was actually easier to rivet the four corners than try and sew through that amazingly tacky adhesive. It actually will ruin the sewing machine. Ask me how I know! Loved your build thread also by the way, Walter! I remember reading through it earlier in the year. That pic of you kneeling and firing takes the cake. Well done!
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