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My newest achievement - TM ESB

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Hello everybody!


About two weeks ago one of my Star Wars dreams came true: The postal service brought me a big brown box from the UK.



At first I was kind of sceptical because overall it looked a bit too small to contain the great armour I was expecting to receive. But fortunately I was wrong and there it is: My new ESB TM armour, completely assembled and painted by the Master himself.





From the first time I got into that suit it fitted me like a glove. TM really did a great job adapting the different parts to my body measurements!






Paul offered me to duplicate the look of a special ESB helmet if I prefered one of them. After doing some research I stumbled across this picture and loved it from the first moment I saw it:



And that`s what he did to my helmet:



I`ve already been able to read a lot about the original strapping system and taking a look at it at some events but until now I`ve never worn a suit using it. The original system may be kind of „old“ and there might be one or another disadvantage but it definatley convinced me. I don`t know how much time the assemblers of the original suits may have invested in thinking about how to connect the different pieces the best way. I guess in fact they didn`t have too much time to think about it. But the more astonishing it is that they developed this great system: stable but still flexible. I especially love the way the calves are hold together!


So what can I say? I`m totally thrilled by the armour and I am definately going to head for EIB and Centurion status with this suit!



Paul, once more „Thanks a lot!“ for building this wonderful armour for me! You are a really great guy to deal with and I hope you are going on to continue enriching the community with your abilities, knowledge and helpfulness for some more decades! :duim:

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Awesome! How did the Postler (postman) get past the walls of snow?!!?!?


LOL, maybe they are using dog sleighs!

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