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The original!

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if anyone can find artwork on the X wing helmet and Tie Helmet from the front it would show the

source of the design.


it's not really fair to make assumptions about AA just from the court case, or from someone saying

his pants are on fire.


I don't support AA's claims... but I do see a stack of helmets.. and finished products.


John Mollo was AA's contact according to AA.  and he mentions in his video talking with JM.


personally I think that the sculptures done by liz don't look like they were cast

if you go from the photos we have there is a distinct difference between the faceplate

that liz sculpted, and the design seen as pulled on AA's machines.


so there is some kind of re-sculpt from somewhere?


and the Jawbone helmet and the Cheesegrater helmets don't have any MQ art that I've seen yet...

sure would be nice to have a full book of RMQ's art to check on this fun part of detective work

we could all help out with...


this is one of the fun parts of the hobby... to try to find the real story!


and  you have to consider it's interesting that AA mentions the TIE helmet discussion with GL

shows that AA must have seen the TIE painting that RMQ did.


"George wanted a black helmet from the back only, but I decided to use the stormtrooper face and make a complete helmet"

if you listen closely to AA's discussion in the video it's fun to consider!

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I haven't had time to find out if it was, but the x-wing itself certainly was.




You mean this one maybe:




That's cause the ILM Pilots look like that:



and not like the later Real X Wing pilots.

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