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Deathtrooper is now LMO approved (26SEP)


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I'm sure I'll get smacked and the other LMO can redact or move to 501st only if this cannot be shared on the open board, but I felt it was exciting enough and the reasoning sound enough to share:




Status - Approved


First let me say that Brian and I did not completely agree on this costume at the get go. I think my first impression about this kind of character was not a kind one. I often get very carried away with preserving an image of the Legion that I forget often is an image that we have, not that others have. When others think of us, they think about the 501st replicating Star Wars costumes the best that they can be replicated. In many cases we make them better than the movie suits ever were!


When I was brought back to that reality, It was clear that this costume was very much in line with what the 501st is about. Replication of Star wars costumes. LFL appears to be very much behind the idea of zombie troopers. They let a book and a statue and a game character all get made. So if they are ok with it, why can't we be?


However as a club we have to draw some lines as to what is acceptable versus whats not. In this case blood, gore, and guts hanging out would be a not. The model used for this character came from the SWG game. The game shows a green grime, devastated armor, dead... trooper. In some cases literally held together by bandage. What Brian has done is taken that game character like the nova trooper and the nova medic trooper and brought to life a video game character.


I am sure someone is going to point out that the GG statue has guts and such or the book shows blood. I would also point out that the guts are well into the body on the arm and torso and as far as I can tell would be impossible to reproduce if a real human was in the suit. The book cover only has a helmet and its distinct unto itself as the majority reference show it another way.


With the above said, allow me to issue this as well. This suit needs to come with it the knowledge that this suit may come with restrictions to events. Some troops may just not be appropriate for this type of character and as such should always be checked with the event coordinator and host. Most of this is common sense I believe, but better to be safe and say it than sorry that I didn't.


To Brian I say bucketss off on creating an amazing costume. Trully to date this is the best presentation of this character I have seen yet. It has a feel to it that is both real and scarey. I know that halloween is going to be smash up by you and the zombie pub crawls by me would be well do to have you attend. Too bad your 1500 miles away. Enjoy it and you should Add TK - death trooper to the system. Oh I want a CRL for this ASAP! lol

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it's gonna be great to see the details of the exact illustrations used in a CRL!

don't use the book cover as a basis seems to be his concept!


woo hoo! somthing to do with my armor when it yellows besides a sandy!

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Let me just say, that I am waiting for my AP kit at the moment, and am seriously considering going Death with it. Too down my alley, this one, to just leave it be.

Don't know how many there are seriously going for this look, but you just might get one more.

But we'll see. Let me get my big brown box first.

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