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The Kashyyyk Stormtrooper project


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I believe I have the only lid ever pulled, and it's already weathered. I had hoped to make another suit to match, but life pulls me in other directions. I'd only be willing to sell it if someone will commit to seeing this through.


Note that since the helmet is weathered your suit will need to be as well, unless you want to strip the helmet and start the paint process all over again.


I know that for a fact that Paul you are the only one with this type of lid. I was told by Mason way back that he had trouble with the molds/bucks and was going to rework them to make is easier/better..... So you have for now, one of a kind, :smiley-sw013:;)


hopefully you will be the first, our model for the Kashyyyk Stormtrooper (KTK) :duim: ............

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I'd do it if only I knew where to get another set of white armor...


Here Paul: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=11538


Sorry I had to do it man!!!!! :laugh1::P :P :P :P :P:smiley-sw013::salute: the sith inside me made me do it..........

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So what do you guys think about the shoulder bells? Are these supposed to be ROTJ-style bells, or are they intended to ride up above the shoulder?

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