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  1. As the title says. I'm considering modding my 'standard' ESB E-11 to the promo version. Just wondering if anyone allready made the add on pieces. I've got access to a small CNC machine so if not I'll make my own. Darren
  2. No. I just wanted to change the FX bells to something more movie accurate
  3. Well completed the ESB conversion of my trusty ol' FX kit with the inclusion of; The modded AP lid with TK4510's excellent ESB decals; A pair of shoulder bells by Nathan Smith A pair of John Danters lovely ESB handplates A doopydoos E-11 ( with henstler and cylinders removed ) A gorgeous leather ESB holster from Heathrowtrooper. What do you think guys? Darren
  4. I took my old unloved AP ANH helmet Raised the brow by 1/2" ( to was just too low ), opened up the eye holes a little, added a set of TK4510's lovely ESB decals, painted the ears correctly and painted the vocoder and frown satin black. This is it now.......
  5. Gonna be repainting my lid as ESB tonight, so I'll make sure the stripes are in the dips.
  6. Busy converting my old ANH to an ESB at the moment. ESB decals ordered. ESB handguards on the way. Frown now satin black. Raised the brow a little ( tried to match the exact look of one of the ESB screen used lids on starwarshelmets.com. Got a nice new holster with black straps ( still to fit ) Still got to remove my beloved hengstler counter / cylinders
  7. Hi guys. It's been a while, but feel like doing a few mods on the old TK. Does anyone have any tips for reshaping the bottom edge of an FX chestplate to get it looking more accurate? Darren
  8. I agree, FX recasts ( and very poor ones at that ) Stay clear bro
  9. Nice Graham. I've got an AP and I love it. Great shots and great lids.
  10. Wow, I thought the first images WERE of the screen used lid too. A great job Dan well done. I was thinking of doing something with my AP lid ( like a specific screen lid, but as it was in the day ) you've got me thinking HMMM.
  11. Hi Tony. I recently bought an AP lid with speakers fitted behind the aerators. To be honest I don't like it. Yes your voice is coming from the right place, but as it has been said, feedback cab be a problem AND I found them too quiet. Darren
  12. Mark is a great guy ( and after seeing his TK kit a few times, his accuracy is amazing ). Cheers to Mark and welcome to Dan
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