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  1. Sorry, guys, I know we had a thread regarding different battery options for the iComm, but can't find it...! And we have this great HOW TO thread by MartinSivertsen: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/tutorials/article/40-howto-changing-battery-in-icomm-to-a-rechargeable-one-edited-with-new-content/ And of course, I could order a direct replacement from Jim, but is there something I could pickup today from a typical store to use?? Please help.
  2. Welcome. Yay, I live in Mos Eisley, too!!
  3. Heh, that's really coo! Oh! Tamiya putty...
  4. Cool! Thanks for the info. Are you still using the PTT with this?
  5. I suppose you may have to contact the management at the theatre you will be attending... And yeah, it is unfortunate that we have to more cognizant of those things nowadays... :\
  6. Welcome to FISD! RS Props and TM is tops in my book... You may also check with AP, ATA, and MK makes
  7. I wear 10s, and seems to be true to size, and have room for inserts...
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