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  1. Take plenty of pictures. I have the RT-Mod armor and I'm starting the legs with the butt-joint and cover strip method. I could use some visual reference, lol.
  2. Started on the calves today. Trimmed up the overlaps to do the butt-joint in front, but I'm not quite sue how I'm going to do the rear overlap. I have to decide where the velcro is going to be and how the coverstrip will work with it. Can anyone point me to some good tutorials for that part?
  3. Today I managed to add the cover strips to the butt-joints on the forearms. I will be able to slip them on and off over my hands, although barely. I am rethinking the ribbed elastic I got. It seems like it will be noticeable in areas, and my tests with the snaps have not filled me with confidence. Here is the obligatory forearm glued up pic: 94 degrees out there today and the shop is even hotter. This was about all I could get done today.
  4. Have both forearms closed, now. Only thing left is to add the cover strips. A little too warm to spend much time out in the shop right now. More pics and updates over the next couple days...
  5. I had been using a straight edge and a utility knife to make my cuts, but I noticed the straight edge tends to drift in the center when I put pressure on it, so I decided to just go for it with the lexan scissors. As I am sanding it after I cut anyway, why not? First I put pencil marks where I want the cut to start and stop, then stretch tape between the two points. Using a glove on the hand that holds the piece (I previously found out how sharp those scissors are with one slip) I then cut off the excess. Instead of trying to wrestle with it to get two sides glues together at the same time, I just glue the inside shims to both sides of one piece and then when dry I will glue up the other side.
  6. Finally have a shop that I can move around in again, so I can pick my build back up. Been looking forward to it.
  7. Yes, a FX in all of its glory. I guess an "expert" means a mastery of BS.
  8. Hey Mat, I haven't done anything in awhile because my workshop is still full of lumber. I will have to check to verify the size I got.
  9. Rob does a great job with his kit, so most of the credit goes to him. When cutting, I clamped a straight edge to the pieces when I could to get the cleanest cut I could get. Then finished off with some sanding. I still haven't given up on this, I still have a shop full of lumber so I haven't had any opportunity to get to work on the kit. Taxes took most of what funds I had for the decking project so I'm having to wait a little longer to get it completed.
  10. You can see how I did mine on this post in my build thread: http://www.whitearmo...=20#entry226314
  11. I just saw one at K-Mart for $20.
  12. Well, the clearing of trees, brush and weeds is done and most of the spring planting is completed. Now I have to build a deck, repair another and a porch, then stain all three. All of the lumber is being stored in my shop so I have to complete this before I can get back to work on the stormy build. Looking forward to getting back to it (and giving my back a break!)
  13. I think we had one snowfall this winter that was more than a dusting, and it was three inches at most. Sounds like you are getting enough winter for two seasons up there!
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