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  1. @Morgi thank you. Lol yeah I took my time, but I'm here now finally and it is a great feeling. Ready to get trooping!
  2. Thanks Chemi, definitely interested in Expert Infantry and Centurion. I kind of feel like I'm cheating though, since I didn't put my armor together myself. There are so many talented troopers here that put in a lot of hands on hard work to build centurion armor from scratch. I did get some advice on the new member discussion thread that it would be fairly simple to make and ESB armor by building another helment so I may start there to get my feet wet with my armor skills.
  3. Great work on your build! Welcome to the Legion brother!
  4. Looking sharp, trooper! I have a full commission from RS as well. Its amazing isn't it?!? They do incredible work. Congrats!
  5. Welcome aboard! I lived in the PNW for about 7 years back in the early late 90s and early2000s and took my kiddos to see the Prequels there. Hope to move back one day
  6. What an amazing story and Journey. I'm a newbie TK myself so I can understand the joy you must bee feeling. Congrats and great work!!
  7. HI all, I just got my approval last week for my ANH Stunt Stormtrooper Armor and am very excited to join the ranks of the 501st! My name is Charles and I live in St Louis, MO , USA. I am currently assigned to the 70th Explorers, Gateway Squad. I've been following the 501st online for around 20 years and been dreaming about being able to suit up one day for a troop and it looks like my one day is finally here. Back in the early 2000's I was a young dad of twins (not Luke and Leia). The Dad time commitment along with not having much money kept me from the 501st, but now as a guy in his mid 40s with grown kids I find I finally have some time and disposable income (Lucky me) and I definitely wanted to live my dream of being a real storm trooper. Being born in the mid 1970s I grew up with Star Wars and I chose the ANH armor based on my first memory of those bad *ss dudes in white armor blasting their way into the Tantive 4. ANH just blew me away as a kid and that why I had to go with the OG ANH armor. My set was a full build from RS Prop masters and is currently adorning a 6ft tall mannequin in my office. I smile from ear to ear every morning I walk in and see it. I feel like I'm a little kiddo again on Christmas morning opening up some cool Kenner star wars toys lol. I am hoping to work on a second set from scratch myself in the up coming years to get that full experience (Sand trooper anyone?) but I just couldn't wait and for now I had to buy my first set pre-built. Here is a link to some pics for those interested. Thanks for having me. I look forward to getting a chance to meet some of you all one day! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1f_pdHpHOR5akadKhEgCTY6MJ7wWf40dK?usp=sharing
  8. TK-75097 requesting access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=34066
  9. Yes ANH for the win! Although my fave movie is ESB, I had to go with the original that made me love star wars. I was really really pleased with how the RS Props kit turned out. They did an amazing job and made the months and months of saving up worth it. I am excited to make some friends in my local squad to learn about actually making some stuff from scratch. I'm not too handy, but I did used to make model cars and planes as a kid so I'm sure I can learn. I may just start with a helmet kit for display in my office to get my feet wet. I'd love to learn how to paint and weather things to make them look used and battle damaged. What skill!
  10. Thank you Mr Tribbles, giskard8, T-Jay, Sly11 and Csefton. Hope I didnt miss anyone lol. You all sure are a welcoming bunch
  11. It’s an amazing country you have. I got to visit for a week a couple years back and I work remotely with a couple software engineers from CR now. They are awesome.
  12. Thank you for the warm welcome TK6682, gmrhodes. And magni, if I could just find a life sized card backed blister pack to sleep in I might! Lol
  13. Thank you Spartan! I shall post pics soon. Pura Vida, my Costa Rican friend!
  14. That's awesome that you are back Thon! I've been lurking the community for 20 years and finally got my first suit I hope you get back in the armor soon and hope your health is much better!
  15. Hi Jarocho. I'm a newb here, but thought that's awesome you are going to be one of the first in Panama. Blazing a trail in Central America! Good luck to you!
  16. Hi All- Charles here from StL, MO. I just submitted my armor (RS Propmasters ANH Stunt) to my GMLs for review. Till I get word back I thought I'd stop in and say hello. This has been a dream of mine for the last almost 20 years or so, since I first stumbled across the 501st and realized I could one day be an actual stormtrooper. Back in those days there wasn't much online to reference how to build. Plus to be honest I didn't have much money back in my 20s lol. Now in my mid 40's and my kids are grown I'm finally ready to jump in to your awesome world. I purchased a full commission set for RS and my profile photo is it. I currently have it on a mannequin in my home office and can not stop staring at it. I truly haven't smiled this much or been this excited since I was six years old and got a Kenner Death Star playset from Santa Claus! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and learning how to put a second kit together - this time from scratch. Just glad to be here finally Charles
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