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  1. Yep-that is the issue with the early BSP yokes! (nice work!) Ugh-not sure if I want to even try to build up those return edges on the yoke Imperial said they will sell me one of their yokes so I think I will go that route. Dan
  2. Thanks @magni! I may be needing your advice/help as I see you are in my garrison! Daniel
  3. Thanks everyone! I don't believe BSP is in business anymore. My fellow garrison member has the kit, trimmed and with everything needed (even soft parts) to build. The only thing I am concerned about is creating the return edge on the yoke. Maybe I could source a yoke section from Kevin at Imperial?
  4. Hi there. I am contemplating purchasing a BSP's FOTK kit from a fellow member. Decided it was time to start looking around here to learn what I may be getting into! I already know about the lack of a return edge on these kits on the yoke so that has me intimidated but will look for some fixes here. Thank you, Daniel ID-39314
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