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  1. phew haha.so basically pop ends shorten this tube some.i dont know about plate.i went on the trim line for that.
  2. yea ive checked it out.im on this page every day researching.this was the anovos TD that came with the kit.if i have to purchase a different one i just cant do that right now.spent tons on supplies just ordered boots i need a new neck seal as well because this anovos one looks super cheap and is to tight on my neck.i can in the near future if i have to.because these holes are little farther down then the reference picture ones.
  3. i got it to just slightly bend a little bit.guess i will just focus on pulling straps higher for now on that.mean while how does this look?
  4. thanks for the info im going to try a hot bath in my sink first to see if i can just bend the 2 abs straps upwards slightly.
  5. Yea I probably just have to pull straps tighter I'm thinking so it's up higher.my gf sucks at helping me put it on correctly.
  6. how can i bend the abs straps from back piece? they just like do a sharp turn right into my back.if i could somewhat arch them more would feel and look way better.or am i suppose to just pull them higher up my back with the strapping system.
  7. I have been taking my time trimming sanding fitting back and forth back and forth making sure I dont take too much I cant get back.i jump from piece to piece to keep myself bizzy.thanks for checking me out brother.
  8. Yea I seen this and I was like phew.my gap isnt that bad after all hahaha.wasnt sure if it had to hug tight onto the bucket or not.
  9. forearms looking good.Reinforced inside of them as well with cleaned up scrap.
  10. so i just click start new topic? and post my work so far.im still new to this website so i highly appreciate the help bro.
  11. GZj0YaF.jpg

    armor looking real imperial right about now.

  12. after seeing all that im like ohh ill come back to that later.maybe im trying to be perfectt like the link said haha
  13. should i heat gun and mold this closer to the actual bucket it self? i see this space between.
  14. maybe trim more of the biceps so they fit tighter on your arm.I had to constantly trim and fit trim and fit a little at a time to where it is a nice snug fit.
  15. finishing up these forearms


  16. plasti dip inside and also put in different cloth for the frown. 







  17. Pretty much trimming and sanding takes up most my time.coming along pretty good though so far.i trim sand fit trim sand fit and again and again.
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