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  1. Please disregard -- didn't see the popup trashcan with Delete command!
  2. This seems to have been answered many times, but perhaps there has been a change in permissions. I can't seem to manage my attachments; there is no option to delete one or more files. Is there a work around? I tried Profile > Account Settings > Attachments and there seems to be no way to delete an attachment. Can someone advise? Thanks!
  3. Corrected Helmet Features I used the decals I had that came with the AM kit, rather than go about painting by hand. Pictures of the corrected left and right tears and left and right traps are shown, using these decals with correct details. Decals: Left Tear: Right Tear: Left Trap: Right Trap: This should address the last requested changes. Thank you for your consideration! Respectfully, TK-15028
  4. Thanks Dennis! Hope to meet you soon!
  5. Shiny! Welcome to the ranks and I look forward to trooping with you!
  6. The frown was corrected in the EIB submission - that detail wasn't missed by you! Apologies, but when I started this thread, some of those images remained. Here are the pictures showing the corrected frown from the EIB submission:
  7. I have an extra set of decals or I can remove the striping and hand paint them. Is this the only fix required for Centurion approval? Please let me know as these are easy fixes!
  8. Sorry for the suggestion! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. As Glen said, the ear looks twisted so I would try boiling water to twist back before trimming material away. Just my two credits. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thank you! The feedback I have gotten in this process has helped make the armor even better. This is a great community!
  11. Apologies, Glenn, I had incorrect images. You had provided great feedback previously and images of the corrections have replaced the incorrect ones in the edited post. The TD is a new suggestion, though!
  12. Hovi tips were corrected for EIB. I’ll repost those. I got excited and jumped the gun.
  13. Edits made to include full body photos. Submission should be complete. David Gdula David G TK-15028 Garrison Carida, Eastern PA Armor = AM Helmet = AM Blaster = Trooper Bay Height = 5'10" Weight = 185 lbs Boots = Imperial Boots Canvas belt = RobKittel (Imperial Issue) Hand Plates = JustJoseph Electronics= ICOMM Neck Seal = Trooper Bay Holster = Trooper Bay EIB Submission Reference Notes on this Centurion submission Some pictures were from my EIB submission, I am providing the correct images of relevant changes. For those who commented on the images I incorrectly included, please accept my apologies. Items requiring correction or suggested changes based on DO and expert feedback from EIB submission are titled in green. Many thanks to the DOs and others for your patience with the changes! Full Body It was requested that I submit new full body shots with the modifications made. The shoulder bells were brought closer to the torso as shown in the front and back shots. The difference in the appearance of the belt height is due to the angle of the photograph compared to the photo showing the correction. Armor Details Corrected Shoulder Bells Shoulder bells were too far out as non-snapped end was glued-in-place. The reference image was provided for illustration. Installed Velcro in bells for adjustment as needed, see results in full body shots, above. Corrected Ab Plates Requirement for the large ab plate was that it have an obvious border edge, unrounded at the corners, that did not extend past the protruding base. The reference image below was provided. I prepared a new large button plate rather than try to correct the old one. It was suggested that the small ab button plate be trimmed as in the reference image. I did so. Corrected Belt Position The ammo belt needed to be brought up in the center as per the reference image. I utilized the recommended Velcro strategy to prevent sag in the center of the belt as shown below. Correction of the Sniper Plate The sniper plate had excess material at the top edge, which is not screen accurate; the following images provided suggested reference. I cut the sniper plate as indicated to conform to the suggested trim lines and reference images. Correction of the Thigh Ammo Belt The top edges were rounded, which is not screen accurate. The curved edge at the bottom was shown to not be screen accurate as the curve was too pronounced. Reference images were provided as below. Proportional analysis of the photo was done and a new ammo thigh belt was fashioned to conform to those ratios. The angle is moderately rounded and is not a straight cut. Correction of the Helmet For Centurion, it was suggested that I raise the brow on the helmet as shown below with the yellow markings. I have redone this part of the helmet as shown below. This suggestion made a significant impact on the look of the armor! Accessories Blaster Two additional photos taken with different lighting showing a gloss black handle with no weathering: Thanks to everyone who provided valuable feedback on the changes to make to achieve EIB and the improvements I would need to make to apply for Centurion. Thank you for the patience with me as I got photos ready in the time of COVID-19. It was not the easiest to do. Thank you to the DOs for your consideration with this application! Respectfully, TK-15028
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