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  1. Hello, TK 92222 - Requesting Access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32702
  2. Hello! My wife and I did our first troop this weekend and had purchased the TRamp units. While we’ve customized the remote buttons, she’d really like to talk and not sound like a female voice. Does anyone know a unit that would help her achieve this? Thanks! John TK 92222
  3. Thank you everyone so much! This is helpful and we're both excited to join you! John
  4. Hello Stormtroopers, My wife and I are looking to join the 501st and build / purchase two stormtrooper costumes. I've browsed the website here and am thinking about purchasing the storm trooper kits from RS Prop Masters that is fully commissioned. I read many of the getting started posts, which have been really helpful. I still have a few questions, if anyone is willing to answer them (I'm sure these are posted somewhere, but haven't been able to find them). 1. As I've been reading, we've been thinking about making the costumes to the centurion level. Does anyone know what exactly we would need to do with the RS Prop Master Fully Commission builds to make them ready for this level? 2. I spoke with RS Prop Masters about the hero level helmet which they can include with the build. I read through the CRL and find the only differences were in the helmet (aside from optional things like grappling hook). I just want to make sure that if we purchase the hero helmets, that we're not going to miss other things on the rest of the build because of it. Thanks so much and we're excited to get started! John
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