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  1. FN-1313

    TK81313 Tour Log

    Star Wars Night 2019 with the Utah Jazz Album: https://imgur.com/a/MzAiMUN
  2. FN-1313

    TLJ Helmet Comparison

    I've got some Jimmi references and info for this from my own kit and bucket. There is definitely the mesh between the teeth. I think he's had a lot of more accurate adjustments in his latter versions of the kit. Mine I have is the V5 kit/bucket. I can get some images for reference if you are still looking for them. Let me know what angles you'd like.
  3. FN-1313

    Jimmi TLJ Helmet Paint and Interior

    I know the strip above the eyes is Matte. I did the teeth with a matte finish, but everything else that is black in gloss. I think I have some pictures of how I did the visor. I used some Tee-nuts that I epoxied to the sides of the helmet (Over the ears) then I drilled holes into the visor and used screws to put them in. for added strengthening and protection of the Tee Nuts I used some Apoxie sculpt to just cover them up a bit. This last image is completed so if you zoom in you can kind of see the matte in the teeth and around the brow.
  4. FN-1313

    TK92225 TLJ FOTK build!

  5. The Jimmi kit is what I wear. The nice thing is the yoke is all one seamless piece. So you don't need to do any gluing/attaching. In fact all his pieces are seamless. So the actual "build" is minimal. It's a fantastic Kit. One thing to note though is if you are like me everything fit, but the legs. I have quite large legs from years of Marching Band, Drum Corps, and soccer. So I had to actually use a dremel to cut them and then shim them bigger. So there might be adjustments to make as with any armor. I can't say much for KB kits as I've not had any experience with them, but if you are willing to spend the bit more in shipping costs for Jim's kit (still reasonably priced) He's proven to be one of the best in the community for production, communication, and turn around. Feel free to check out my build thread for an idea of what it would be like.
  6. FN-1313

    TK81313 Tour Log

    First approved troop was a last minute Make a Wish troop. I'm not sure the rules and procedures of posting images of individuals, so I will only post the image of the 501st members. Might post more depending on rules. This troop occurred 10/11/2018
  7. FN-1313

    TK81313 Tour Log

    First troop I did was for a Grandfamilies charity event on August 14th, 2018 in Kaysville, UT Got temp approval from the garrison GML to troop this while waiting on full approval. Fun fact, My dad is the Vader...it's becoming a family thing.
  8. Requesting access TK-81313 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28928
  9. FN-1313

    KellwolfB6's FOTK Build - KB Props

    In terms of decal sheets. I have a Jimmi kit and didn’t use the decals. I just painted. But I’d recommend if you want to not paint the black vinyl wrap would be good.
  10. FN-1313

    FN1313's Jimmiroqaui FOTK Armor Build

    Thanks all! Been a dream for many years!
  11. FN-1313

    FN1313's Jimmiroqaui FOTK Armor Build

    Been a while, but just figured I’d share a quick update. I’ve been approved and now have my TKID! Glad to be trooping!
  12. FN-1313

    Rogue One Stormtrooper 3D model (3D print armor)

    I’m just going to slide in and join this conversation here.
  13. FN-1313

    FN1313's Jimmiroqaui FOTK Armor Build

    Got temp approval for a troop, so heres the first picture. the harness holding the thighs up tends to sag after time, so im going to adjust that a bit.
  14. FN-1313

    FN1313's Jimmiroqaui FOTK Armor Build

    Yeah I’ve fixed it up for now with the advice given as well. It’s going to need a little more touch up, but for now I’ve got it to a point that it’s protected and painted. I will later need to sand some more and fill with spot putty, but at least for now it’s not noticeable unless up close.