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  1. Alright, so I've only hit some main problem points so far. I'm actually taking some of my other parts to a con this Saturday so I can use them to show others how to repair/upkeep armor, but because I'm wearing it tomorrow here's what I've done. First I fixed the cracking spots. I found in the shoulders on the yoke where the cracks ended and drilled a hole through the end so it would end the crack point and prevent it from spreading. I then ordered some Devcon plastic welder as I heard that this was a little more flexible than just resin or fiberglass. So I mixed the two part Devcon and then filled the hole and the crack on both ends and after smoothed it out so it wouldn't require too much sanding after. I let it sit a day and then sanded it down. As you see in the above picture it still has a lot of chipped paint and problems. So I sanded to 400 grit and then applied some bondo filler over the areas that were rough. I let that sit a day and then sanded to 600 grit. I didn't get a lot of pictures sadly as I was rushing to get this ready for the con tomorrow. After sanding I was now able to spray again with paint I originally used, then the enamel clear coat to get it back to a good looking shiny white. Now it will cure overnight and be ready for tomorrow. another thing you might note from this picture is I've cut out the front section of the yoke that's under the chest plate. Why? Because it wasn't allowing me to move effectively and it made getting the yoke on and off much more difficult. It's the reason so much strain went on the shoulders and led to the cracking continuously happening. Now I can actually get it on and off at an angle that doesn't stress the armor and helps me so much more. I know a lot of vendors are building them like mine was built, but I'm going to say here that for guys like me that are more built in the shoulders, chest, and back, this is so much easier.
  2. So my helmet was a resin cast/fiberglass, but I'd also echo it's easier to do a basic sand to at most around 600 grit (don't want it too smooth that spray doesn't stick, then some plastidip does a great job at not only making it dark, but making it feel more sturdy like a real helmet.
  3. I’ve heard many different things recently, so I’d just advise cautioun with 850 now. I think KB props and Jimmiroquai both offer DT kits as well as others. From my knowledge Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Welcome! It definitely sounds like you've got some good local support. I've seen those members active all over numbers of forums and pages.
  5. Welcome and yeah it will be good to have a little extra trimming to do for most cases as you'll want to save the trimmed ABS should you ever need to make repairs to cracks and stuff. Many other members here have done this and in their builds detail the use and process.
  6. Welcome Captain! also being 6'1" and going for Phasma is very cool!
  7. Welcome! there are many here to help you forward, so definitely use the forums to document your build so we can all pitch in!
  8. Welcome to the FISD. Definitely create a thread as that's going to be an excellent area for many to offer input and guidance specific to your build.
  9. Thank you! I agree completely.
  10. They are tough troops, but tbh they are the troops I enjoy the most, because it means that we've made an impact in the world of a child and his family in such a way to be honored to be part of an event such like this. It was great to have met Dayson in life and guard him at his viewing. #thisiswhywetroop
  11. Under armor is nice, but thanks to brand names can be pricier. I’ve found some solid compression gear on Amazon as well for extremely cheap. Plus I can load up on extras. I’m excited to see your build progress!
  12. Fantastic! And congratulations! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Very cool! Keep up the great trooping! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I’d just recommend caution with 850. Someone in my garrison purchased a kit from them and it’s very thin and feels kind of flimsy, they also did not provide all the parts and haven’t seemed to be working with the purchaser to get those so we are working to improvise filling those missing parts. Hopefully this isn’t a common thing I’ve heard some say really good things about them too. My kit is a Jim kit and I’ve loved it overall. But yeah I’d highly recommend vetted and approved vendors before others at this time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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