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  1. Welcome and congrats! Very cool picture too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Welcome! For Centurion you’ll need rubber gaskets, is highly recommend getting some fabric ones for general wear though because they will be more breathable, but it’s all up to you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I think that’s great to have another FOTK nonetheless. When I finished I think there were only 17 officially approved, so it’s cool you were able to get approved and we have another in the legion!
  4. That’s for sure. I mean I have fiberglass armor and even I still have maintenance I need to do It’s just part of the thing overall.
  5. I’d be more tempted to pro paint it, however I keep seeing there’s some stress areas that crack and fear that pro painting still won’t fix those spots which I hate. I’m sure there will come a day where I retire this armor and then display it and replace it, but for now I will keep updating and fixing. I’ve got things ready to go fix wise and adjustments too. Now just need to paint and prepare for IX.
  6. Following from here! So far looking like some good work!
  7. I know I just commented on your other post, but I agree and think your armor is looking great! Glad to hear you were approved!
  8. Hey Chris, I’m not sure if anyone in the other area responded much. I’ve heard mixed reviews. I have a fellow garrison member as well who has the 850 armor and he’s not been very happy with it. He’s felt it’s flimsy and he’s had to do a whole lot of maintenence and work to get it to a point that it was approved and stays looking good. So if I were to say much, I’d likely exercise caution there, but then again some others have said it’s been great. So they’ve got a mix of reviews.
  9. Hey @Luke starwars, I’ve definitely kept up on some of the ongoing with the armors for FOTKs, even now years after release it seems there’s a very small supply of suppliers for it and there have been many who have run into challenges in providing the armor. This being said definitely check the approved vendors list. Specific to the FOTK from my experience: Of the vendors out there that I know is consistently proven to be most reliable Jimmiroquai is the one that seems to fit that. (That’s my armor by the way) It is fiberglass, so not what everyone always wants. There’s KB props that offers kits, however I’m not sure on how long it may take, most of those who have recently purchased from this vendor say 4 weeks. There are a few others who are emerging with kits however I’d recommend verifying them on the approved vendors list first as again a lot of struggles some members have had come from reasons as to why some are and some are not on that list.
  10. Hello there! Looking forward to a build thread in which we can help guide and see your progress as you get there!
  11. Always great to see active troopers appear here. Welcome!
  12. Hello and welcome! Can’t wait for BBB Santa to come by for you!
  13. Hello there! Welcome and looking forward to seeing your pics!
  14. Hello and welcome! There's lots of helpful guides here that will help no matter what armor you are building!
  15. Hello there! Looking forward to seeing your build and having you armored up!
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