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  1. I was hoping to get a second kit from them, I have been on the email waitlist for at least 6 months. The first kit took about 5 months to get in 2018. I did notice once I received my kit it had stickers on it not to send Air freight, I have no idea why it is only a resin kit. So it literally was sent slow boat from the UK.
  2. Now it is complete! About 1 1/2 years to complete, but love the result. Electronics work great, thanks RankAndFileTrooper. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/profile/26059-rankandfiletrooper/ Below is the final weathering of the scope
  3. I just finished mine, and the sound is loud. It is adjustable through the programming. Maybe in a crowded area you might not hear it loudly, but should be fine for most troops.
  4. Finishing up the painting and weathering effects. Still need to add some weathering to the counter and scope.
  5. First coat of primer is on. Now I see all the blemishes, time for some more sanding.
  6. I added a charging port at the end. Here is the charging port before I added to the blaster. I 3D printed a holder for the plug and also a backing for the spring. I then inserted a copper tube to run the wires through so I could still move the bolt and spring.
  7. Ready for paint then install the power cylinders. Lots of taping first.
  8. The magazine is done, I cracked the corner but it won't be seen in the well. I hollowed out the mag no make room for the battery. I made the mag cover from aluminum. I etched the lettering using a dremel with engraving bit.
  9. The scope and counter are now mounted to the rail. Time for wiring it all together.
  10. Exposed bolt I split the bolt so I could cycle it but also cover the electronics behind it. I was also removing a lot of resin material weakening it.
  11. I installed the handle and trigger, it took a lot longer than I thought. The alignment took some time, but happy with the result. Two screws secure the handle to the frame.
  12. Thanks, no I have had the kit for about a year. I keep checking Doopys because I want to get another but nothing yet. I have slowly been working on the kit and finally getting around to posting pictures. The stock is from War Machine Replicas, it is a great one off and fully functional.
  13. Thanks! I thought it would add some realism. Not too much is left of the doopys here.
  14. My counter is finished. The top half is a genuine Hengstler counter. I set the numbers to my ID. The lower half and plug are 3D printed parts I made. The finishing parts are from T-Jay's kit.
  15. bolt plate before splitting Thanks Dracotrooper! The exposed bolt is fixed, I epoxy it in place. My original intent was to make it movable but after removing a lot of material I realized I was weakening it. I also needed a place to put the electronics. What I ended up doing with the non-seen end was making that movable, so I can pull it back. I split the bolt plate and 3D printed a cylinder behind it to keep it aligned
  16. Scope bored out and installed the electronics from FXBlasterOS.
  17. I bored out the bolt area and used sheet metal to simulate the bolt. I installed a spring made from T-Jay's kit.
  18. I started by boring out the trigger area for the selector switch install, I went through the top so I did mess up the trigger area. I used my 3d print to complete the trigger.
  19. Hello all, I am working on my blaster and wanted to share the build and seek guidance. I purchased a Doopydoo’s kit and started assembly, T-Jay's finishing kit and FX-BlasterOS.
  20. Scope is bored out and I installed the FXBlaster software. Thanks for the help Andras installing the software on my Anduino.
  21. Counter completed with my member ID setup. I used an original Hengstler counter for the front, and a 3D printed piece for the back.
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