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  1. Diversity Props is continuing to refine their molds and it sounds like they may be in the home stretch to get that completed.
  2. Things are still moving along at Diversity Props. They needed to redo a few molds since some details didn't come through. They are hoping to pull this Thursday. Here are some recent pictures of the molds they have.
  3. Good luck canceling if you do. I canceled at the end of August and am still waiting on my refund. All I get back is that the finance department is working on it.
  4. Here is the chest, back and bicep molds. They are going to start pulling tomorrow.
  5. I canceled a month ago and am still waiting for the check.
  6. Even though I cancelled my order I still got the letter from Anovos. My only question was isn’t the metal molds what they were transferring to last September? Take a look at Diversity Props. https://www.diversityprops.com https://www.facebook.com/DiversityProps/
  7. No, thank you. Talked with Diversity Props and going with a supplier they use. https://www.facebook.com/BeltsoftheFirstOrder/
  8. Here is the mold for the chest piece. Diversity said the holes needed to be more exaggerated but that was one of the finally steps.
  9. So I received a letter from the BBB in regards to my Anovos order. I had sent this out before I made the switch to Diversity Props.
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