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  1. I put my name on the list of interested parties to see if they would come through but never received an email asking for payment or an update on why it was delayed. On the plus side they haven’t asked for money on something they couldn’t deliver.
  2. Got this from Anovos. However they never list in the email what item I am supposedly interested in or the cost of said item. Hello there -- I noticed you didn't reply to my last email, so I'm forwarding it to you again. Let me know if you're still interested in this offer. Kind Regards, Brent B. Hey — Brent from ANOVOS here. It looks like you expressed interest in the from our catalog and signed up for our mailing list. Although this item is unavailable on our website, I wanted to offer you another opportunity to own one of these. This replica is priced at $ USD, and you have been chosen to fill one of our coveted reservation slots! This reservation is anticipated for a fulfillment date, and only a few are remaining unclaimed. -- Psst! Need a update on your current orders? Check out our 2019 Q2 Brand Update Blog for for more information regarding anticipated fulfillment schedules. -- If you would like to take advantage of this special opportunity to add one to your collection, simply let me know in reply to this message and I'll be happy to assist you with your order! Make sure you confirm that your ANOVOS account is up to date on our website with your full name and current delivery address. Don't have an account? You can create one here! You can also take advantage of our payment plans where we're offering 30% down and your choice of either three or six monthly payments. When you reply, let me know if you would like a monthly plan or if you prefer a single lump payment. Due to its immense popularity, I can only make this offer available to each interested customer for a limited time, so please do act quickly! Simply reply to this email and I will get you started. (*Just a reminder, Payment plans are for orders of $300 or more, and incur a fee of 5% for credit card processing.) Looking forward to hearing from you! Kind Regards, Brent B. ANOVOS[emoji2400]
  3. No Denmark if I recall correctly.
  4. Here are some new photos from Diversity on the progress they are making.
  5. I can't wait to see it as well. TLJ was the version I ordered through them. At the time I ordered it they offered both variants. I do not know if that is still the case however.
  6. Here are some new photos from Diversity on the progress.
  7. I talked to Diversity and this is what they had to say. "1st. i told everybody i have quit props. 2nd i will continue on 2 armours as a hobby. 3rd the mudtrooper was a complex armour with 50% castings. and people werent happy with the castings. " I have a FOTK on order through them. Yes it has taken longer than expected. However, my experience thus far has been good. Wayne has been upfront with me along the way explaining the challenges he has come across and what he has done to overcome them. He has been quick to respond when I have had questions or update. I switched to Diversity because the previous supplier wouldn't give me a straight answer at all and strung me along from one promised delivery date to the next. I don't know what challenges or complaints others have but I wanted to put in my experience with them.
  8. Diversity Props is continuing to refine their molds and it sounds like they may be in the home stretch to get that completed.
  9. Things are still moving along at Diversity Props. They needed to redo a few molds since some details didn't come through. They are hoping to pull this Thursday. Here are some recent pictures of the molds they have.
  10. Good luck canceling if you do. I canceled at the end of August and am still waiting on my refund. All I get back is that the finance department is working on it.
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