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  1. Thank you very much, you three! Hopefully there'll be a purple helmet for Alzheimer's, in memory of my grandfather! There are a few things that hit close to heart and this (Breast Cancer) is one of them. I'm glad you enjoyed it :). I promised that I'd upload them once I got them... and I had to dig around through all the photos for them haha. Here's the other one I said I'd get... the one of the two of us http://
  2. How have I not seen this till NOW?!?!?! Besides.... I know that handsome TK right next to the Shoretrooper... This was fun @WhiteWalker for being my first official troop Thank you for your guidance and I look forward to more!!!!
  3. Thank you very much! Hopefully we'll be able to make it as well. Also, I was FINALLY able to get a few of the pics and post them: Thought you'd enjoy this :). It's not the beach like I had hoped, but this was something that had a lot of meaning behind it.
  4. So as a few know, I'm the son of a Breast Cancer survivor. My mother went through this while I was a freshman in highschool and it was an extremely tough time. Now being "cancer free" for 10+ years she's still my hero. So in honor of her anniversary and Breast Cancer Awareness month... a few weeks later haha... I suited up for her. I have a pic of myself and her SOMEWHERE (and will be uploading it within the next few days). Being there for her while we walked was fun... also I obtained a lot of armor bites in the process, but worth it. It was an emotional time and I'm so glad that no one could see the tears I shed as she walked up to the survivors area... the only thing I have to say... thank goodness for anti-fog in that situation lol http:// My helmet and my mothers My hero
  5. I would LOVE to design one, however I'm currently designing a idea for a patch & Decal for a friend. Along with a website I draw for... saw this and it sparked my interest. Good luck to whomever does enter!
  6. I should actually edit this thread... at the beginning I mentioned "fitting it to myself", but the way I was doing things was wrong. I had a few things that I have to fix after my first troop, but luckily they were a little easier. A few straps I had to "shorten" due to not being able to reach my helmet, but bringing my bicep pieces up a "smidge" alleviates this problem for me at least Now to start looking forward to EIB and Cent!!!!! And of course.... my jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thank you everyone! I had my first troop this Saturday (will be making a thread in the field training exercises, but gotta get the pics first) and it was extremely rewarding! Even if it was only about 2-ish hours, I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to my next one (still waiting to see what my schedule holds for me).
  8. I have seemed to neglect posting a thread here! I was just approved a couple days ago!!!!!
  9. Thank you very much! Thank you, Jeff!!!!! Looking forward to this Saturday! Yes it does!
  10. Thank you, sir! Almost ready to start cleaning things up for EIB
  11. FINALLY!!!! Now I can request my access http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25760
  12. So just an update: I'm pleased to announce that I've been accepted! TK 28222!!!!!! Now time to move on up!!! I will definitely be hitting you up with this soon!
  13. I'm glad to have gotten my TK Boots when I have (a few months ago). I got the last size for mine and got a EXTREMELY vague response when I was ordering them... now I see why. I have had about 4-5 "troops" around my neighborhood and LOVE my TK's!!!!! I did not know about Imperial Boots at all, but I guess it's nice to know for the future. This is greatly disappointing, but I'll be treasuring my TK's until the day we BOTH end up on the ground from our "battles"!
  14. I started out with a single snap method (to save on money), but after one test fitting I noticed that I had a few snaps that ALWAYS came undone! So after being shown the same image you've been shown, I went with double snaps on all connector pieces, except for the cod/posterior connector piece (as well as the arms). Since upgrading the snaps to double snaps I have not noticed any coming undone. Of course I have only done about a few test troops which equals a few hours combined, but this'll be put to the test soon as I'm about ready to submit my approval photos. I wish I was given/shown this.... I spent a WHOLE LOT MORE buying close to 12 packs at my local hobby shop.... good to know for the future, thank you, Joseph!
  15. Nice pics! However the inner child in me would have been looking at those legos and then back at my wallet (watching as dust slowly drains out of it) lol
  16. Usually with forearm pieces you'll see a definite "line" on the inside of where the pull was done, but unfortunately from this angle I'm unable to see where it is. http:// Possibly along one of these two lines? See what Joseph will be able to confirm On a few of the pieces I agree with @justjoseph63, trim the excess return edges off. One more thing that I'm not sure about is the protruding part on your bicep piece. What I would probably suggest is to trim that back a little to right at the cover strip: http:// Again, Joseph please let me know if this is supposed to be the way for RS? Looking good on your builds! Keep it up!
  17. Just a quick update: Was unable to load photos last night because I got busy working on my thighs, but here they are I'll add more details to this late, but right now it's progression photos Left Thigh: http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// Now the Right Thigh: http:// http:// http:// What I currently have... http:// still have a few more trouble spots to fix, but for the most part I'm GREATLY satisfied!!! The middle portion will be covered by a cover strip and I was given the "Ok" to use a 2". This'll greatly cover those trouble areas. I just have a little more sanding to do to blend the sides in and then it's time for spray paint!!!! And after that... *drum roll* SUBMISSION PHOTOS for basic approval.... again lol
  18. It's always scary when something like that happens. My mother found out because of our dog. It was odd, but the dog was the one that pointed it out to her. She did have a lump and just hoped it was nothing, but had it checked out to find out it was cancer. Luckily she was alerted to it early and was able to get it out in one go, but the mental scars are still there. I was just out of my freshman year in High School when we got word. I didn't want to do much but wait at home for the doctors to call and there were a few days that I'd head to the hospital after school. I hear you about not wanting to have cancer take someone else from you. I felt the same way. One of the young girls in my grade was diagnosed around the same time. She decided to go to homeschooling after that. I will admit that through the process I got an education. Medicine has fascinated me, but I don't think I can afford to go to the schooling for that haha! My mother is reaching her 12 yr mark (next year) so we like to do something different each year. I'm wanting to take her to (possibly) Disney and get a button that says "12 yr survivor". I'm wanting to surprise her with this part lol, but having 3 dogs it's sort of tough to do things that are about 2 hour drive one way. I'll be sure to let you know as well on what I do :). These occasions are MEANT to be celebrated, so you have fun with your mother as well! Also, congrats to her on her 5 year mark! Here's to many more!!!! c(_) <- that's a cup lol... best I could do
  19. I'll be sure to take plenty of pics :). Even if I can't attend the walk, I'll do something for her, possibly a walk on the beach (of course in my armor lol) or take a simple pic with her in the bucket I'm putting together for her! I'm hoping that when the time comes I'll be with others, but again if I'm not, (like you said) there are others there for the same reason! I also read that your mother is also a survivor? I'm happy for that as well as you staying proactive on your end! As always, love reading your troop logs
  20. Teresa, this post has touched me deeply since my mother is a survivor as well and I've dedicated another bucket (pink) to her. There is a local walk near me coming up in the next few weeks and I'm hoping to have my armor finished by then as well as a Alzheimer's walk for my grandfather who helped raise me when I was young! Keep up the great work!
  21. Thank you very much!!!! Party hardy, my friends! Now a brief update: I have added the shims (with great thanks to @wingnut65 ) and have also started adding the abs paste! I will post pictures soon... unfortunately I'm at work so cannot upload pics here. However I added one layer, sanded down, but there were still a lot of imperfections. Added a second and third layer (slowly flaring outwards to blend the two halves together), sanded down and only have a few more spots to fill and blend. I have tried to add these with a stir stick (free from starbucks, but extremely fragile) so I went ahead and use a chop stick to stir. I must say... a lot more sturdy! I then used a popsicle stick to smear the ABS Paste on (thick) to sand it back down. Thanks to Jeff, again, I'm going to be polishing it out to make it a bit easier to paint/prime. I will be heading to my local hardware store either this weekend or this Friday to choose the correct paint and primer combo. I will post pictures of the process when I get home, hopefully if everything goes well
  22. I'll be sure to! I just have to glue a few things (back cover strips) on the thighs and then I'll be good to send in as well as post here
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