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  1. Just curious...what type of frown screen border is this? anyone know what its made from? Looks awesome....
  2. The original screen used helmets were painted white, but sometimes what is used as a movie prop does not carry over to something that is going to be trooped in a bunch. If you do not mind to keep touching up paint chips on the helmet every now and then go for it.
  3. AM armor rocks that is what I use! Ive went through 2 other different armor brands until I found what I really liked which is the AM armor. Its very thick compared to other armors and super durable! You won't be disappointed! Have fun with your build!
  4. Welcome! research is key...everyone here will help you if you have any questions.
  5. Looking to see what brand/type of wireless mics everyone is using. Looking for recommendations. Thanks.
  6. Yep, read it years ago, i'll try to find it.
  7. Research Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. It's actually from a spoon, not a thumb like most people think.
  9. Super long wait times with Anovos, Ive heard of wait times around 8 months or more...
  10. The modification "fitment stage" takes a bit and many troops to become totally comfortable. I am still fine tweaking my kit.
  11. Trimmed out inner elbow scoops a bit more, can move arms alot better now.
  12. Yeah, I wasn't able to make them that small with this AP kit.
  13. Coverstrips on arms are 20mm and thighs / shins are 25mm.
  14. I appreciate all of your assistance and replys. Thanks.
  15. Thanks, I'm going to cut out some larger elbow scoops (inner elbow area) on the forearms and in the areas you marked as well in green. My shoulder bells yes, can come in further at the top I agree, but not at the bottom due to the size of my arms. I ultimately will have to get larger shoulder bells which I plan on doing soon.
  16. I am not able to move my biceps up any further either.
  17. Thanks for the reply guys, basically I am trying to achieve better arm movement, its really tough for me to put on or take off my helmet right now.
  18. I am needing to shorten the length of my biceps, is it ok to not have a return edge on the bottom of the biceps? Trying to gain better arm movement.
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