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  1. Hi all, just wanted to share my experience with Praetorian and hopefully save others for the frustration I've been through. I ordered my E-11 blaster on July 3rd 2018. As I live in Norway, the shipping is a bit expensive, but that is to be expected. In total I payed $330 USD with premium paint and T-shirt included. Before I ordered, I asked what the delivery date was. He said he was a little behind on orders, but that he would ship by 23rd of July. I was at this point rushing to get my TK-armor completed so that I would be approved and ready to troop on September 28th. July 23rd came and went... By August 6th I hadn't heard anything (no word about delays or anything), so I wrote an email. ...no reply. I wrote again August 12th ...no reply Wrote again August 15th Finally got an answer: " I’ll take care of you this week. I’m struggling through orders after a medical issue. I’m back up and around so I’ll get you taken care of and ship by the weekend. " August 23rd I wrote again requesting the tracking information only to receive a reply that my blaster was built and being painted, followed by: "I should be able to finish the paint today and ship tomorrow though. Tracking to follow." August 30th I again requested tracking information. ...no reply Wrote again September 5th ...no reply At this point he has lied to me twice, and not communicated delays. I am getting quite hurt and at the same time pissed off. I do understand that medical issues or real life problems do occur. But if he had just told me the truth, that this would take one month, or two months extra then that would be OK. I would be sad, but at least I would know. This constant promising, with no follow through and no explanation is the worst. You start feeling conned. September 11th I wrote an new email, and got the same answer: "I will make sure yours ships and you get it this week." ...yeah right... September 15th after asking for the tracking number I got this answer: "It’s leaving now. I’m boxing in a frenzy this very moment and running to post office." 19th of September I asked for tracking number. ...no reply The 25th of September I tried asking again for the tracking number. ...no reply As there was no answer on email I started writing on Facebook. This was 27th of September. Now 2 months after the original shipping date. On September 28th I FINALLY got a reply and a tracking number. And on my birthday on October 10th it arrived in the mail. I must say that the quality and paint are excellent. Although I did not receive the T-shirt I was promised But I am never-ever going to contact or do business with them again. So if you want to buy a blaster from Praetorian know this.... the quality and paint of the blaster is super-duper. But the communication is non-existent and they lie to you over and over again. P.S another member of my Garrison also ordered the blaster from Praetorian (about a month later than me) and he is still waiting. He got an answer that it was shipped, but although he is constantly asking for it, he is not getting a tracking number.
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