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  1. Does anyone have an update on this for the whole build? Specifically what is meant to be gloss and what is meant to be matte? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. Hey everyone, so i was just wondering about the helmet trim. I have circled one of the images by Christopher Pearson on Flickr from the Rogue One Stormtrooper Reference CE 2016. I think there is a visible seam which leads me to believe it is a rubber seal similar to that used in ANH builds. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  3. So while i was filling my helmet i somehow managed to snap this piece. i used some styrene strips and CA glue to fix it the best i could. i then used files to shape it to the correct contour for the helmet. I thought this worked so well that i would try replace a couple of the vents in the back as i was a bit to heavy handed with my dremel and file. this is where i ran into a lot of problems. I ended up replacing the 5 on the far right. I tried multiple methods of doing this with CA glue and zap kicking it so it would set quickly. this didn't give enough strength to the styrene and it kept popping back out with a bit of pressure. to remedy this i used some milliput on the inside of the helmet to hold the styerene and CA glue combo in place. this fortunately has worked, but i am no happy with the state of these vents as they are wonky and i don't know how to fix it. i have tried using car filler putty and milliput but i'm still not happy. after this point i went on to pilling any holes and gouges with putty and wet sanded and undercoated the entire helmet. I also used some rubber spray paint and coated the inside of the helmet so it wasn't scratchy, I went a bit to heavy with the first coat of white and i ended up with some streaking and runs, so i I went back to the wet sanding and got rid of the imperfections from the first coat and have since applied another 2 coats. As you can see there is still some wet sanding that i will have to do again, after this i think i have another 1 or 2 to go and then i should be ready to paint the tears and traps. If anyone can give any suggestions on how i can fix the dodgy vents (above) that would be great. i did have an idea to cut out the whole vent and 3d print a replacement, however i don't have access to a 3d printer. I think i should rename this thread to "How to make a stormtrooper helmet and get every step wrong".
  4. Thanks guys. Yeah i have cut out all the relevent pieces on my helmet. I was just purely refering to crl wording "Tears and traps may not be hand painted". Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. Hey guys. Just wondering why we aren't allowed to hand paint the tears or traps? Also the neck trim, is it painted or the rubber s style the same as ANH and ESB? Also has anyone found a material that matches the french blue?
  6. Im really digging what you are going to do with the vent covers. Ive been tossing up what to do with mine and i think this is a good solution if you ever want to replace the fabric. I was thinking of using suguru to seal the edges of the fabric to prevent them being pulled off. And that way if i was to make covers like you are i could remove the suguru pretty easily. Just some food for thought.
  7. Thanks guys! I think what im going to have to modify the most is the thighs and shins, everything else seems to be pretty close. Today i used my dremel and some needle files to do the frown and tube stripes. I have 1 small hole from an air bubble in the fibreglass above some of the tube stripes. Also have a few air pockets in the teeth which can't be seen from the front. I'm going to fill these in with some body filler and they should be good to go.
  8. Jimmi also offers 2 sizes regular and tall.
  9. I just got a kit from Jimmi this week amd it has it. I asked him about it and he said to fill it in.
  10. Hi everyone! I got my BBB from Jimmiroquai this week. This is my first build and im super excited. As i am vertically challenged (5' 4") there is going to be lots of alterations needed to make this work for me. If anyone has any tips i would appreciate them greatly.
  11. How did you go with imperial boots? Im the same size and just wondering if they ended up working out?
  12. Has anything come of this for the Tears and Traps? Because this would be amazing. When zoomed in it looks like there might be a piece underneath the verticle stripes but i might just be seeing things.
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