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  1. Hi brothers, after obtaining my EIB I decided to share my build of E-11 blaster. I had an old Doopydooed' Hasbro that I decided to rework as a heavy duty blaster while I was working on the main one (Doopydoos classic resin kit). Of course ma main reference for information and tips was this thread: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/ ... reference/ That's the Hasbro after I covered the screws, engraved the charging handle track and inserted the aluminium bar: Doopy's kit after the standard modifications on front sight, folding stock and engraving on the bolt. Bolts for the kit and for the Hasbro Counter on Hasbro was a printed one (calculating lens magnification and distortion) glued on a small tube. Counter on the kit was a real one. I used my son's birthday (that's also my TK id, sorta). The glorious power cylinders mod! On the paintjob: galvanized effect paint for the body, bronze for the scope, flat black for the counter: Final look of the blasters with a flat black over the previous hand, a bit of orange rusty effect and additional semi-gloss black on the handle. Some details: d-ring and spring Scope lenses were adapted from a small binocular that had cool red lenses. Hasbro has the usual trigger inside, the kit has a full free view (altough not useful as the binocular lenses were mounted reversed) Gli otturatori: Power cylinders! Top
  2. Peter Tricarico 29916 EIB A4 Joseph Thanks!!! Inviato dal mio WAS-LX1 utilizzando Tapatalk http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/29916-eib.png
  3. Thank you very much... I really appreciate, brothers. And tonight I start working on those fixes for L3! Thanks for the blaster mention but everything I put on it I learned lurking on the E-11 section of FISD boards, so thanks to all those passionate brothers! I'm gonna share my built there soon. Inviato dal mio WAS-LX1 utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for the feedback Dan ! I see the issue, I think that is the left leg armor edge that is pushing the dropbox out of alignment,even if I this somehow disappears when the armor is on the mannequin as it is right now. How should I arrange this stitch/glue mod? Dropbox to belt or dropbox to leg?
  5. TK-29916 requesting EIB status here! Name: Peter Age: 36 FISD ID: SithThundercracker TK-29916 Profile link: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=27567&costumeID=124 Affiliation: Italica Garrison, Sub Zero Squad Mandatory Information Armor = RS PropMaster Helmet= RS PropMaster Blaster= Doopydoos resin kit (heavily modified) Optional Height = 180cm Weight = 82kg Boots = Painted horse riding Johdpur Canvas belt = RS PropMaster Hand Plates = RS PropMaster rubber plates/ABS plates Electronics= AKER amplifier Neck Seal = Custom made (faux leather) Holster = PhiloProps Full body Front – Arms at side Back – Arms at side Left – Arm at side and raised Right – Arm at side and raised Right Side Detail – Arm raised Left Side Detail – Arm raised Abdomen Details Action Shot Helmet Front Helmet Side Helmet Back Hovi tip detail Lens detail Neck seal (the one on the left is more accurate, the other is comfortable) Thermal detonator (back) Thermal detonator fixed with black screws Belt Holster attachment Sniper knee Ammo pack Buttpiece S shaped rubber Blaster Strapping Boots
  6. Cheers brothers, new TK 29916 requesting trooper status here. Thank you! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=27567
  7. Hi guys, yesterday I finally received my RS TK armor so I've offically taken my first step into a larger world. It's just a crude kit at the moment, so I'm excited and scared at the same time... Cheers bros!
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