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  1. Also, a bonus with the riot baton we took for funzies!
  2. Updating this craziness, the first order group on Facebook is much easier to directly post on. Getting the kit in the first place after it was nearly lost within the whole KB Props/Hal debacle last May was a complete nightmare that eventually resolved itself, the second nightmare was figuring out how to start on the process of putting the kit together. Huge thanks to Dustin, Calvin, and the rest of my local crew for getting this done for me with my crazy life schedule. We're done and took approval pics this past Sunday, it's currently at peer review now! The kit is comprised of the following: Armor: KB Props Helmet: TDK Props (Tom Campbell) Gasket's: Sheev's Emporium Boots & Gloves: Imperial Boots Paint: Montana Gold every step of the way (primer, shock white/black, varnish, etc.) We are aware of the minor placement issues with the TD, the abdomen right a little low, but plate not having a gap of black between it and the abdomen, etc. They are all easily fixable and we are more than happy to retake photos to fix those. Here are some pics for you to enjoy:
  3. Updates! Boots and gloves from IB are arriving this week. Final payment made for pet G kits, all 3 of us will be shipping by the end of this week. Will order helmet when Tom from TDK Props gets a new mold in. Then gaskets from Sheev's Emporium! Goal is to be finished by first week of June.
  4. Thank you Jonelli! Boots and gloves were ordered on Friday from IB, should ship next month.
  5. Thank you for the info! I'll check it out. Put in a group order for 3 kits with my garrison today. Boots and gloves will be ordered next before IB closes the run. Will keep you all posted on how everything progresses! The wait begins.
  6. Starting up a thread here to cover my build for the TLJ FOTK. Pieces are sourced from places as follows. The wait begins! Kit - KB Props Helmet - TDK Props Boots // Gloves - Imperial Boots Gaskets // Neck Seal - Sheev's Emporium Belt - Kit from Belts of the First Order Undersuit - ? Blaster - ?
  7. Hi all, As my first TK kit I would like to build an executioner trooper. Coming from a soft part build (kylo), building armor will be totally new to me. In an ideal world, I would be willing to pay to get it finished by someone else. I would also love to learn, but am a bit scared tbh What recommendations do you have for me? I am looking for both armor, soft parts, and helmet. I would like it to be prepped and ready in December for Episode 8 and the release of the CRL. I am aware of: -Jim's kits (Where do I order these if I go with him?) -KB Props -ArmoryShop (Denis Vorobiev) For soft parts, I assume they are the same as Episode 7. Correct me if I'm wrong. Most of the help I need is here. -Imperial Boots (Boots and gloves) -Undersuit??? -Gaskets??? -Neckseal???? Thanks for your help. I am currently doing research on my own as well, but any help and recommendations would be appreciated.
  8. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=22368&costumeID=343 DS-75280 of the Mountain Garrison requesting access! Looking to build a first order executioner
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