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  1. I got everything working just confused on wiring the nozzle neopixel. I have 5v and grnd, the data on Top going to the stripe, but, how do I wire the bottom hole? I tried wiring it to data, and the nozzle stays on when fired.
  2. Im almost there, just need to iron out an issue with the nozzle light. does the DO nozzle light connect to the top and bottom of the flora, and then onto the rest of the wiring? I have it wires as such and am getting some funky behavoir from the nozzle light
  3. Im having issues making my "aux" button work. The fire button works fine and I can long hold it to get through the menus but the second button does not work. Am I missing some changed I must make in configuration to allow the second button to work? Ive looked through the code but havent seen it.
  4. Now managed to get it down to BODS undefined NVM SOLVED---Had wrong board selected from when I was flashing my 3d printer firmware last night. its compiled now.
  5. SO I removed fx-blaster while I was messing around with something else, and now for the life of me cannto get it to compile. At all.. have followed guide. But keep getting undefined reference errors exit code 1.
  6. I have it bread boarded out, sound is working (havent hooked up the pixels to the board yet. But it seems like I only have trigger/fire button, not aux. Is there any details on instructions on the config files and which parts could/should be uncommented for configuration? I dont wanna bugger anything up.
  7. Is there enough power in this to power a PAM8403? If not, can a potentiometer be placed somewhere for volume control? or is the DFplayer amp suitable as long as the connected speaker is less than <3w?
  8. Definitely spent a few hours so far JUST in armor smith. The forearms, and shin came out good and fit good. However, Im still struggling with the chest/back/abs. I like the idea of changing the pieces of the colors to see intersection, Im going to do that. I have been using the opacity. And after I export the parts im bringing them into blender to measure the openings and make sure theyre true to the real-life measurements I took of my body. Also, how much does the chest overlap the abdomen? I find this to be q challenge for me
  9. I have this all bread boarded out. (oshpark board hasnt arrived yet). I currently just have one push button connected, as I would like to, for now just use it in voice activated mode mounted in my bucket. Is there any documentation that shows which button is supposed to do what? and how to activate each mode?
  10. Hows it coming along? I am in the process of building the same model.
  11. I am in the process of building this exact model right now...first time doing any armor other than a bucket. It looks great! Did you use armor smith to scale it initially? I find Im having issues with just knowing how exactly this should go together...for example how high up should the abdomen plate be? Ive been using the FOTK reference files but I need like an idea of how these parts should be worn when complete so I can scale appropiately.
  12. understood, Im printing an FOTK helmet right now, that has an outward-facing speaker mount on the left side facing the vent that I intend to cover with black speaker fabric. Ive done some small electronics, but that was by following guides online. Can I wire the output to a 90mm 8ohm 5watt speaker, rather than a headphone jack? Im thinking some type of amp may be required. I am reading about the max446, and it says an amp is required, so im thinking I can use one of the small audio amps meant for arduino, but Im gonna have to see what the real estate is like inside the bucket. I also plan on adding a TP4056 board for recharging the battery without removing. Ideally I can 3d print housing for all of these parts, so they can be semi-permanently installed.
  13. how about a limit switch so the light is off when its folded? I am in the process of putting together my F11 now and want to add electronics, this post has been helpful.
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