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  1. I have an opportunity to purchase an FX kit unbuilt. Is it a ton of work to get it approved??? I understand I need a helmet upgrade, but this would allow me to hang with my little Galactic Academy Recruits and play until I get a bucket..
  2. I am having issues printing these off in actual size. any help on printer settings would be great. I have tried printing it on letter size (8.5x11) adjusting the scaling etc.. Can anyone give me a hint on how to print these so the sizes are accurate
  3. Have you found any issues with the joint popping open at all?
  4. zilk

    Swag Toss

    We fought the hard fight and beat the Rebel Girl Guides. The Dark Side is now serving Chocolate Mint cookies
  5. zilk

    Swag Toss

    Just waiting for wife to send me the pics. Give me 10 mins.
  6. Cover strips.... almost looks like 2 on top of each other in different sizes. There is a hole in the top right back of armour Calves seem to flare out at bottom as well
  7. Is it just me or is the Vocoder more pronounced on the helmet?
  8. zilk

    Swag Toss

    I thought we had another day still Damn... my kid is doing a shoot today and we are both doing a photo tonight
  9. zilk

    Swag Toss

    We are shooting the picture tonight... got our order or Girl Guide cookies so we have 12 boxes of cookies to have fun with.. Will post tomorrow
  10. zilk

    Swag Toss

    Are non 501st members allowed to enter? and does it count for 2 entries if I am in armour with a cookie and my son who is in the Galactic Academy is in his outfit with a cookie too? lol
  11. The belt is different.. It seems that the one stormtrooper had no canister but rather had a grappling hook on his belt. That would be the one Luke dons in A New Hope. There is a post somewhere that references that not all Stormtroopers had the O2 / Thermal Detonator canister...
  12. I have someone who will help me with my build thankfully. Just wanted to make sure I didn't drop close to $1000 all in for something that would not qualify
  13. I am just new to this and was going to order the Shadow Stormtrooper kit as my first build. Is it 501st Approved?
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