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  1. I wish I could say I did it. It was a great body shop.
  2. Yes, reached out again via a new thread. Thanks!
  3. I flipped one of the bells so you can get the original color for reference.
  4. OK, so I got my shoulder bells paint matched by an auto body shop and they came out great! I really need in-person help to get started. I’m happy to pay someone for their time. Any suggestions? I’m in the Westchester area outside NYC.
  5. Thanks! One person suggested I bathe them in strong tea. I may try this on some spare parts with the same color abs (like the buttons I reordered). Who would be good suppliers for shoulder bells?
  6. And here is a picture of my finished ab buttons on the armor. Th And here is a picture of my finished ab buttons on the armor. Thank you!!!
  7. Here is my new tough situation. I realized a year after I got my armor that the shoulder bells weren't included (by accident). I just got a new pair from Walt and the color abs he uses is different from the color he used when making my armor. Any thoughts on whether this is OK or other ideas on what I could do?
  8. Better? I tried sanding and touching up the areas that were oversanded and showed white. Still shooting for Centurion... :-)
  9. @Deployment Officer Team @justjoseph63 Would these pass for Centurion or do I need to redo them again? Anything I can fix vs a full redo? Thanks.
  10. I used mineral spirits for the gray paint to remove it and isopropyl alcohol for the blue paint.
  11. Thanks! Do I need to redo them again or is there a way to fix them? Should I sand them or use paint thinner to smooth them out? A second coat? Clearly, I’m not good at this.
  12. OK, this is my final try. I'm much happier with the results. The photos give a little too much detail and they look better IRL. https://imgur.com/3E9Qnnt
  13. You guys rock. I will make the trims and will retry the one button. I still want to shoot for Centurion.
  14. Repainted old buttons. Are these good enough? While I'm aiming for Centurion, I'll take the lowest to get me into the 501st anyway....
  15. So, I tried repainting the old pieces and I think they came out better. Thank you for all this great help! I had a bit of a knee injury after repainting, so once I can walk again, I’ll post pics. The blue acrylic was really hard to get off. I used some paint thinner and mineral oil. No rubbing alcohol as yet. I have 91% lying around from my computer clean up work.
  16. I messed up the painting. I have them, but mineral oil didn't do the trick. Worried about paint thinner ruining the piece.
  17. So, I positioned the ab buttons on the armor and the button white abs material looks noticeably whiter than the rest of the armor. Would this be a problem?
  18. Am I supposed to split the kidney piece from the posterior piece? They came as one piece from Walt. The TK reference describes them as split.
  19. Thank you!! I tried one more time and think I'm finally OK with this version. My only issue is these pieces came from a separate Walt batch and the abs seems much whiter than my TK armor. Could it just be aging?
  20. Thank you! I'll search for a vinyl plotter. My stencil was 15/32, which seemed to be right, but the paint bled through, so this version was by hand.
  21. Where did you get the correct size hole punch? It looks to be a 15/32 circle that is needed from the stencil.
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