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  1. All the items that needed sanded to flush fit the barrel got shaped by me wrapping sandpaper around the rear of the blaster body and rubbing the item along inline And the results Used the c section from T-Jays kit to make the rear clip. Was looking for a suitable spring material to make the clip look functional, I knew I had seen a suitable source but for the life of me I could not remember where. Then I remembered, it is the plastic storage/ dispenser for Stanley blades. Took it apart and removed the spring and cut it to size. Here is what I mean Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Next up the barrel. Fake front bolts removed, some of the resin chipped so it’s green stuff to the rescue. Main barrel holes drilled out Holes at the end of the t-tracks opened out with the Dremel, the Dremel is really your best friend for building this kit Fake bolt at the bottom of the grip removed, also removed the fake lock screw detail but do not have photo of this Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Well the blaster is nearing completion so between coats of paints I will update my process. Work began with the stock Through and through detail sorted Stock hollowed out, as I said before I wanted a functional stock but have opted for semi functional Made my latching system from the tube from T-Jay, one of those touch screen pens, spring and half a screwfix pencil. I also scratch made a pivot cube. Just needs put together and the addition of a self tapping screw to act as latch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yes I have seen his stuff but by the time you add shipping and import duties to the U.K. it works out far too expensive. I intend to buy the full kit sometime in the future
  5. I need to resurrect this thread as I got cleared with a Shepperton blaster I get really cheap but last week it had a fatal accident, must get my man cave cleaned up. So as I have my induction troop on the 23rd I have been working hard to get my Doopydoos blaster sorted. Will get some progress pics up later when I get time.
  6. Hi Dan, do you have a link for this mag please? cheers Bob
  7. My credit card is ready and waiting
  8. Clearance and ID received and looking forward to trooping and meeting many of you
  9. TK 82866 requesting Stormtrooper status http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=27518 thanks
  10. They are available on his website for sale hth
  11. Have you got a price yet Chris?
  12. Sorry didn’t reply to your clarification earlier, I have been absent for a while. Yes that little dimple that Dracotrooper highlighted was what I tried to describe. Looking at your progress I really need to get my but in gear and get some work done on mine my trouble is I don’t know how far I want to MOD mine. Keep up the good work it looks great.
  13. Nice build you have going on here. Just one thing I have spotted, you have not filled in the duvet on the side of the magazin. This is from DD moulding from the end of a whole mag, where as the blaster mags where cut down and would not have this detail.
  14. Hi Chris, any updates to this piece of art?
  15. Thanks for the info, yes I had been on the Apex site and found out that they would not ship to here, bugger. nice job on final assembly you blaster really looks the part. One minor observation though, considering the awesome work you have done, your mag is missing the little clip at the rear. I can’t find any post from anyone selling these, I have some sheet alli in my shed that I may have a go at making one if I can’t find one prior to completing my blaster. But would much rather find someone with more skill than me that has one for sale LOL
  16. Email sent, take pity on me please
  17. Thanks for the links Chris. My basket is now very expensive, before I complete the order can you add the rear cap to your war machine website so I only have to pay for one lot of shipping instead of going through WM and Ebay? cherrs
  18. Great work on this blaster Tom, it has given me the urge to start back on mine, well tomorrow maybe. One question, where did you get the folding stock from? keep up the good work I am watching how you get on to give me some tips.
  19. What sites have you put the parts on, any links? Cant wait to get my hands on these pieces.
  20. I’m going to try and get some overtime booked ready to buy one of these beasts
  21. Any forecast as to when these will be ready to order?
  22. Looking forward to seeing your complete folding stock becoming available.
  23. Great attention to detail, when will these be available?
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