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  1. Paints fine. I used 2k paint so it holds up well and most marks buff out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Just checking in. My kit cleared just before Christmas. Good to know that with a few mods, the Anovos kit is clearable. unfortunately, even with the reinforcing of the yoke, it’s got a couple of cracks on the return edge. I’ll strengthen with plastic, fill and flash over. Apart from that, all good. Now if only Anovos would ship these out to everyone else.
  3. TK22510 requesting access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22720 My 501st profile finally got updated.
  4. Mine is 42, maybe 42.5 so it’s gonna be snug!! The problem is the yoke join. As they are pre trimmed there really is no room for adjustment.
  5. TK 22510 requesting access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22720 actually, my TK isn’t showing yet
  6. It’s not actually the waist. More the chest. Where the front chest piece (with the pills and sticker on) meets the yoke under the arms. I had help and I can close it, but if I slouch when I stand it will start to undo. I’m going to add elastic and snaps to keep it tight.
  7. They’re super small. As they are pre trimmed you have to work with what you get. I’m 6-1 and 32 waist and I would say that any bigger and the kit will require major work. On top of the painting. But they are clearable.
  8. Thanks guys. Had my first kit up today. There’s a few dressing issues. Left bicep, right thigh and knees, but I’m nearly there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Sadly, Anovos have been too busy sending GE helmets so mine still isn’t here. Never mind. Sanotized Creations sold me one. Fitted a hard hat liner for support. Just need to paint inside the helmet black and tidy up hot glue residue. Helmet is almost finished. Need to paint inside the side vents. I was going to cut them out, but this helmet is temporary until Anovos send my proper one. Also need to neaten up a little on the brow. What a pain that was. Armour wise, everything is ready to go. I need to have a kit up at the weekend when someone is here to help. Belt box 2nd from left needs painting again. Something reacted with the paint. Also, centre belt boxes look positioned badly but it must be the angle. They’re centred. I will add a screw here eventually. But at this late stage, I just painted the pip silver. And until Saturday, that’s it. Next step will be a full kit up, gaskets and all and we can go from there. Also, not sure if I mentioned before. But the templates for the ab boxes and the position of the holes are all over the place. Maybe 3-4 mm out on most. I was meant to take photos of how I fitted them but I forgot.
  10. Insane. So you can buy spares just in case you break your non existent armour!!! Fool me once...............
  11. They’re selling replacement armour parts to replace parts on armour that hasn’t shipped yet?
  12. Thanks. Yeah, acrylic works well. I really suck at clear coating. I don’t have a compressor so had to use cans before. I just couldn’t get a great finish with them. The good thing about the 2k spray is that as it has a hardener and is high gloss, no separate clear coat is needed. It’s touch dry in 30 mins. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I’m only going off what the suppliers told me. It looks great up close once dried and polished though. Paint code is TC10 which I assume is a generic code. Failing that, it’s bought in the uk but I’m sure it’s available stateside. It’s 2k so you have to activate a hardener in the can before use. Shake really well but plan your painting. It goes off in the can after 7-8 hours.
  14. Thanks Darren. The recommended white looked awful. Nowhere near a match. Colorite were super helpful. I only went there as it’s local and they custom mix paint. He confirmed that it will be impossible to paint match the Anovos plastic. But for him to bring out all of the movie sample cards and point me to the correct white was awesome. I finished my belt off too. Great kit. Just need to mount the boxes. speaking of the boxes, whoever poured the resin at Anovos has done an awful job. Bubbles and imperfections all over. Maybe Ryan and Reggie got moved out of live chat to do it!
  15. Thanks for the input guys. Regarding magnets, I’ve tried them on the wrist sections and they’re fine. I used them in the chest to yoke connection too. I’ll put photos up later. I had a really productive Sunday, taking advantage of a nice warm day to get the whole kit painted, after priming it last week. Excuse the awful pictures, it’s like a game of Jenga in the shed, and I’m scared too move everything until the weekend. Remember, that this was the kit that Anovos said required no paint. Then they said the resin parts only. Trust me. The whole kit needs painting. Regarding the paint, I’m ok with painting, and used cans of 2k paint, so no need to lacquer. The paint is TC10 2k and I have it from the supplier that this is the colour used to touch up the rubber screen suits and to paint any none rubber parts. I’ve seen the sample cards from the movie in his store. It’s the same supplier that supply the studio. This sample was from the spacebear sample cards which was the working title for TLJ. The name was space trooper white, and the pint code was TC10. It was quite cool for him to let me flick through the sample cards. I’m trying to go there again regarding the TR1XIE colours for another costume. I managed to get the right thigh out and fit dans holster. And all I had to hand to try it was an F11D. On a side note Dans holster is a few mm smaller than the Anovos one. The holes in the Anovos resin part need re drilling to take this holster. And the self tapping screws that he supplied need cutting by a couple of mm. Hopefully get more pictures up soon as trying to get clearance for a con. Painting was the big job. The rest is fairly straightforward. Also, along with the instructions and the Velcro Anovos supply, toss the resin holster in the trash. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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