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  1. Hello! I have had my TK finished for about a year now and finally got around to getting 501st approved! Can't wait to meet some people and go on some awesome troops!!!
  2. Been working on my ANH stunt TK for a while now. Slowly but surely its coming together. Photos soon but I need a few opinions and I need some help. My first question is with the belt. I purchased Kittle's belt and have been modifying it for the past two day. I have measure and measure but I believe I made a mistake. Now its an easy fix in my opinion but would have to deconstruct the belt and punch new holes. Now I would rather not so here is my question. Is the belt to high? is it covering to much of the buttons or is it okay? What do you think? Please help More photos and questions to come
  3. Thanks so much for the help guys! So helpful! Sorry for no pictures, here is a few for your viewing pleasure! Like I said before, my kit is done and wearable but making some modifications for level three and making it more comfortable then it originally was after I built it. Here is a few pictures from SDCC 2016 and two pictures of the current modifications. The left side originally had no gap on it at all and the right side had a very large gap and it didn't sit on my body fully straight. So the other night I added some length to the left side to let it sit better on my body. Here is the larger gap I added. Sorry for the large photos.
  4. Hello there! Back at star wars celebration Anaheim me and my dad jumped on the ANOVOS TK kit. Since then me and my father have worked on our kits slowly but surely. Mine was ready for SDCC 2016 and I was able to walk around in it. Visited the 501st booth got some pointers and tips and since then have been slowly fixing what needed to be fixed. We are aiming for third level certification but have one question. On the CRLs it states " Ideally there no gap between the abdomen and kidney armor. A single visible seam line is present." Now me and my dad aren't the smallest people in the world and need a little more wiggle room. I had originally built my TK with this certification in mind and it worked but I needed to be about ten pounds smaller for it to really be comfortable. So I decided to make the three straps a little bigger so that the armor sat on my body straighter. Now the CRL say "Ideally" is this statement for those of us who aren't skinny enough to have the no gap seam? In short my question is; If we require a larger a gap to fit into the armor better is it still possible to get level three certification? ​P.S. Me and my dad plan on being certified 501st TKs for Star Wars Celebration Orlando which we are attending.
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