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  1. on your video i see you made white markings on the belt and you also made holes. is there a specific measurement distance we use?
  2. hello tk4205 what distance in inches do we start of with? i see you marked the belt with a white chalk and made holes. another question how do we install the belt on there other belt buckle side? thank for all your help
  3. I'm almost done with my built. I'm waiting for my imperial boots and doopseydoo E11
  4. novus products works great, i made a few mistake and used paste and then novus looks good now
  5. i know after it dries it should not smell, but does it have a residual smell after you wear it a couple of times?
  6. which is better icomm or rom/fx voice amplifier?
  7. how many fans do you guys recommend we should install in the helmet?
  8. Hello Im from Los Angeles California. I've been building my anovos Storm trooper kit and almost done. I just want to introduce myself
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