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  1. Yeah, haha, like I said this was my first time sewing so I ended up going over the stitch like 3 times. I'm more than likely going to be making(or buying) a new belt at some point. I just want to finish this one in case there's anymore "gotchas" or other things I'd like look out for next time. That hole got away from me when I was drilling. I don't know what happened. On that note also... I had a few freak outs last week while I was working on the button covers. I realized that the snaps I was using here are massive. I do
  2. I've started on the belt. I decided to make my own from scratch following Mark's guide here: HOWTO: A guide to making a canvas belt - Tutorials, Tips and HOWTOs - 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (whitearmor.net) This was actually my first time sewing... so yeah... Here's how it turned out. As with most of this project... it's a little rough, but I'm pleased overall. I have enough material to make another one but for now I'm sticking with this one. At least until I finish it. I'm considering running a bead of fabric glue along the edges to stop them from frayin
  3. I'm definitely going to try to shoot for the higher levels. I printed out the CRL and have been going through it while I'm working on the armor. I don't think it should be too too difficult for me to get that extra level of accuracy. It should at least be fun to attempt.
  4. I just want to take a minute here to express my appreciation. I started this build over a year ago, right before covid shut everything down. When I have the time to work on it, it's been a great project to help take my mind off all the craziness. I'm really thankful for the support and help everyone here has provided. This is a great community here and I'm really excited to become part of it. (hopefully very soon lol). Thanks again everyone. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  5. Yeah that wording still confuses me. I went with the 1/2" diameter circle for the template. I don't know if my buttons are just bigger than the ones used on screen but the 7/16" was way too small. Even after I removed the tape and cleaned up the paint a little bit it still seemed like the painted area was too small. Also it was still pretty messy. So I just went back over it by hand without a template and I think it looks pretty good. Not perfect but pretty good?
  6. I'm working on the ab buttons now. I had a little board with some 60 grit sand paper glued to it that I used to slowly shave down the plates to the size I needed. I'm making some templates now to do the painting. I was using a 1/2 inch circle but then I noticed the CRL mentions "buttons are approximately 7/16" (11mm) in diameter. " I'm assuming this is referring to the paint?
  7. I finished the garter belt. I found a cheap kit on Amazon for making straps and such. I just used it to make an adjustable belt. Then I had sewn loops out of 2 inch elastic and glues them directly to the inside of the thighs.
  8. Yeah I saw those fancy contraptions of yours. Lol. Very cool idea. I was thinking about using them. Although the issue might be that the straps on the sides might be a little too tight and the middle might be too loose. So I'm going to try that first as I don't yet have a heat gun. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  9. Haven't posted in a while. Been a little busy with things. I adjusted the shoulder straps. I decided to use velcro on the back side of the straps to make them adjustable until I find the position I like then I'll make a new snap strap that size. I might even double up on the elastic to make it a little more rigid. My shoulder bells seem to want to pull them down a bit. But here is where I'm at so far. The upper body strapping is done for the most part. I need to whip together a garter for my thigh straps next. And also probably finish the shoulder bridges.
  10. So this is my torso so far. I don't have a belt yet. I'm hoping that will close the gaps between the kidney and ab sections. After wearing this around the house for a couple days I feel like I might need lengthen the shoulder connections. The whole back feels like it might need to come down. However I'm not sure how low I can make the back plate. To me it doesn't feel like I can really lower it anymore. Where should the butt plate sit? My butt kind of peeks out of the bottom of it. Thanks in advance for the feedback. I can get different pics if that helps elaborate my questions.
  11. Awesome! Thanks again. I'm just always nervous about gluing and sometimes I think I just need some external reassurance.
  12. Thanks. I think I got it now. haha. So to illustrate what I'm struggling with... If I put straps here with the back plate in this position, the back arcs forward and overlaps the kidney on the ends. I've seen screenshots where it seems like this happens with the armor.
  13. I will post some pictures very soon. I don't have a whole lot of room to work with though. I've been using that strapping reference photo (great reference btw) and I got the kidney and butt together. I'm just wondering about tips as to how to align like the back and kidney up to make sure when I'm making my snaps that they are the right length and everything is sitting properly. https://i.imgur.com/h65N6QO.jpg
  14. Hey guys! I've actually been slowly working on an ATA kit that I got almost a year ago now. I'm currently working on the strapping for the torso and I was just looking for some tips or techniques to making sure everything is lined up and where it should be and fitting right. Specifically for the connections to the abdomen and chest, and the connections to back and the kidney.
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