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  1. Joe Marzocca TK-98239 Letter Andrew http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/98239-eib.png
  2. That pack looks awesome...can't wait to see it in person....I might just have to jump on the HWT band wagon myself...lol
  3. Go to first post...a tutorial is there with links to parts Sent from my VK815 using Tapatalk
  4. Are you running a wireless mic? The receiver being near the unit might be the problem
  5. My friend had a lot of feedback with his IComm and wireless mic...He wrapped his IComm with aluminum foil and the feedback stopped. Wonder if the teensy is not shielded from RF frequencies as well?
  6. I cannot wait to build this whole thing...thanks
  7. I used a screen repair kit for the mic tips and got a small bathroom screen for 3 bucks at a habitat for humanity for the frown.
  8. Sly, I see I have the EIB insignia on my page and I thank you, but do you have any recommendations so I can apply for Centurion?
  9. Yeah...it was making me mad that I couldn't post for EIB until someone told me.
  10. Joe Marzocca TK-98239 FISD Name: The Chief Garrison Titan Armor Maker = Anovos Helmet Maker = Anovos Blaster Type = Hyperfirm Height = 5'7" Weight = 170lbs Boots Maker = TKBoots Canvas Belt = TKittell Hand Plates Type = justjoseph Electronics = Aker/Icomm/WTS Headset Neck Seal Type = Darman Props Holster Maker = Anovos Full Body Front Full Body Back Full Right Full Left Right Side Detail Left Side Detail Helmet Front Helmet Left Side Helmet Back Helmet Right Side Hovi Tip Detail Lens Color Blaster Left Blaster Right Blaster Rear Action Shot Interior Strapping Cod Interior Cod Exterior Butt Exterior Butt Interior Thermo Detonator Back Ammo Belt Front Ammo Belt Back Neck Seal Abdomen Detail Right Side Ab Left Side Details
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