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  1. Took awhile... but here we are all kitted up. Next up is the daunting task of putting together a T-21.
  2. That's not too bad. I didn't realize people where shaping those with files by hand. That may actually be doable. If I can't figure it out, Rick is right, I can just get some help from one of my many talented Garrison buddies.
  3. That's the resin set I've been eyeballing. I'm kinda on a budget so it makes more sense to build one then drop half a grand on a hyperfirm. I'm just a little nervous as I'm not a big woodworker and the butt end of the stock could be problematic.
  4. I have my pauldron, chest ammo pack and one side ammo pack. Since I only have one belt when I remove my holster it'll leave two visible holes that I plan to cover with a third pack. That pack i don't have yet... I'm waiting on TB to get the canvas packs back in stock so that they all match. They said they're expecting more by either the end of this week or early next week. After that I was planning to submit and then start working on a T-21.
  5. I can't get over how good these look. Job well done.
  6. I think I can consider this build effectively done. Straightened out the antenna tube last night... still looks a little off in the pic but is actually straight on when you look at it in person. I also attached craft foam to the back to protect the armor. One large sheet is all it took... and at $1 was more cost effective then felt and easier to install (just hot glued on.) When I get home from work today I'll kit up and try it on with the armor and post some pics.
  7. I know exactly what you're talking about... lol, I have a ton of it at home but none in black. The large size like this is the exact size of the rectangular part of the pan so it should work real well. I'll have to cut out slots for the straps to make it fit perfect. Thanks for the idea.
  8. Today I made a ton of progress on the pack... attached the shoulder straps. Then I went ahead and screwed/glued everything together. The side tube kinda twisted on me... so i'll be remounting that tomorrow. I think it turned out pretty well, looks like the game version (plus an antenna that makes it look way better)... And here's a closer look. Tomorrow I also need to pick up some thick felt to line the back with so it doesn't scratch the armor. Overall it was a fun build and following UKsWrath build thread took a lot of the guesswork out of it.
  9. Thank you. I'm not sure if I want to weather it yet... I'm kinda liking the clean look.
  10. The Wedco Oil Pan is always doing that on Amazon, had it on my list for quite a while before I started my pack build... it'll come back though. I picked mine up here though cause it was cheaper even with shipping included... and it took 3 days to get to me in Washington state with standard shipping. http://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/wedco-12-5-qt-recycle-drain-pan/0000000036264
  11. I managed to finish the final box for the pack. I'd have to say that this one was the most tedious to assemble... glad I saved it for last. And of course I had to place them all on the base oil pan to see what it will look like. Loving it so far, can't wait to finish it. Tomorrow I'm going to work on attaching the straps and start attaching some of the pieces together. For the straps, I scored a backpack from Goodwill for $2 that should work real well once I switch out the adjusting bracket for latches.
  12. Thank you, looking forward to joining the HWT ranks. It's been fun piecing it together.
  13. I'm getting closer... finished two of the boxes today. I think they turned out pretty good and of course I had to put everything on the oil pan to see what it looked like. The finish line is definitely in sight.
  14. Thanks, after staring at it for a little too long I decided that the right option would indeed look better... and you're correct about it looking more like a textured strip then buttons if they're squished together. I've looked at the pack specs in that thread and I have a few issues with the tech drawing in the thread... especially with the radio box that has some weird dimensions that wouldn't produce the result pictured if you were to follow them. So I've just been using it as a pseudo-reference and making my own calculations as I go.
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