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  1. Hey Eric, where'd you land on the size of the pipe for the TD? Last mention in your thread here you were questioning if it was too big at 2.5". I have some pipe in both 2" and 2.5". What would you suggest?
  2. My strapping setup needs some work but now that I've tried everything on again I know exactly what I need. I need to put together the TD for the back of the belt. If everyone here thinks the weathering and pencil look about right I'll spray the gloss coat on and lock it all in. But after that I think I might be done?!? @eqdizzle what do you think about the lines and weathering? Look good? How's yours coming along?
  3. Finished the grey misting of the rest of the parts and added the pencil lines into everything:
  4. Yes sir I am! I did it on the shoulders and hand plates so far but haven't taken photos yet. Although I like the look that the grey weathering has inside the grooves a lot. I was contemplating masking off the grooves and applying a heavier mist into just the grooves instead of continuing with the pencil. it would still be a speckled mist in there instead of a solid line. What do you think?
  5. Ab and Kidney Plate are joined together as one piece:
  6. Hand plates and Shoulder Bells:
  7. Are they working now? I had a brief glitch that I *think* I fixed.
  8. Chest & Shoulders are integrated together:
  9. Here's my completed helmet:
  10. I have quite a bit of work done on mine already. Just now getting around to posting up some pictures. Waiting for a new set of longer shins that Walt sent out and I should hopefully be able to wrap this one up soon. Been following some of the other threads here closely so thanks everyone for the tips! Looking forward to when we can have the CRL established so we can get these approved.
  11. Looking great Eric! I've got some catching up to do! I have my armor all assembled and glued. Not yet filled and cleaned up though. I did get the helmet done this past weekend minus the decals and weathering. I'm going to try and get the armor seams filled and primed this weekend.
  12. Hi Eric, now that Celebration is over I'm going to be getting back to my build. Was just wondering how your build is coming along. Any progress? Thanks, Ramey
  13. I've been wondering the same thing. The working CRL states 13 segments although these kits only have 11 so wouldn't we need to add another segment to each side anyway? The CRL thread shows at least one reference shot where 13 can be seen.
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