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  1. Tino I believe the black parts are anodized aluminium
  2. Chris this E11 is a dream come true. The amount of work, research and time is unfathomable.
  3. I received my folding stock, front sight housing, front sight pin, bolt handle, and magazine well. Chris, photos do not do these justice. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!! With each piece I own, I get more excited about building your E-11. Thank you for making these.
  4. Here is a video demonstration of the E11. If you want different pics of videos just let me know. I want to thank everyone on FISD for their ideas and inspiration. Thanks
  5. Amazing detail... looking forward to seeing the BlastFX installed
  6. TIno and Dan thanks for the kind comments. I will get a video sometime this week. The electronics are super cheap on this build. I hope someone takes my idea to the next level. I am always learning on FISD.
  7. Chris are you gonna sell complete kits as well?
  8. Mission complete. Just a few minor paint fixes. Sliding bolt with electronics is too cool. Lots of fun building.
  9. Thanks for the complement. I used your technique. On the base coat I used several different shades of silver/gray/rust/black... leaving just specks of paint. Then when I removed the latex I just dabbed black wash in the spot.
  10. The opening bolt works like a charm No interference with the electronics.
  11. On the the barrel I placed clear disc (ordered on esty) to reflect the lights. Hopefully making a propagation effect.
  12. I didn’t a rough cut to hide the wires in the scope rail. If all goes well I will be assembling and painting this weekend.
  13. Your Hengslter will be a perfect copy. You r work amazes me more and more. Job extremely well done
  14. Looks like the folding stocks will be ready soon. Awesome
  15. What kind of repair shop would have these?
  16. Thanks Brian. It’s been a lot of fun trying to figure out a cheap easy way to do this. I have went through many different parts and pieces trying to get the combination right. One thing I can’t figure out is why the stun is turning purple. I might have some wire crossed. It doesn’t happen with the fire. I kinda like the look.
  17. Jesse if all goes as planned I will be able to pull back the bolt to observe the chamber. Hopefully.......
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