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  1. That's how the spring looks when installed with functional semi-auto bolt. A full auto bolt would look screen accurate i believe but would be illegal.
  2. Finally got a chance to write something up here. Got my scope last monday (very fast shipping), and it arrived in perfect condition and very nicely packed. Every part looks great and everything fits very nicely, but I was planning to use the real vintage lenses I got from Twnbrother earlier this year, so that was the main thing I wanted to check. I was very happy to see that the smaller lens fits and screws in perfectly, with the retaining ring screwing in over it. The larger lens opening was just slightly too small, presumably due to the resin shrinking slightly while curing. Nothing too bad and just needed some slight sanding. I screwed the lens in backwards while testing the fitting so I could actually have something to grab onto to turn it. Wanted to make sure it would get to the right depth before putting it in the right way as it is not easy to turn once its far down in there. After much frustration, it was finally screwed in all the way. The retainer ring for this lens is now just slightly too small to thread in, but still fits nicely and some glue will take care of that. Very happy with how this turned out so far. The view through the lens almost works, but you only get a partial image, and its upside down. I'm not sure I can get the prisms functional, but gonna see what I can do. Also looking at trying some mirrors in the prism cage, as I'd love to get it fully functional. A great alternative to the solid scopes out that that require so much work.
  3. If you have a Hobbytown or other hobby type store, they usually carry different sizes of styrene sheets for a few dollars a piece.
  4. Those double barrelled looking E-11 the Shoretroopers have look pretty nice. Thanks for the pics
  5. Those light up bullets are beautiful. Amazing idea and very well executed. Seems like people just keep taking their blasters further and further than I ever thought they could lately. Really inspiring work.
  6. I'm gonna have to get in on this. Way too impressive to miss. Well done.
  7. Really awesome stuff here. This is really making me want to get back to work on my blaster, and I hope it looks half as good as yours when I'm done.
  8. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much [emoji3]
  9. I have made a few version with that same acrylic but haven't been happy with them. Does anyone have exact measurements on the height/width of the visible portion of the extractor?
  10. Ya I'm still figuring out what to make the extractor from but I have some ideas so far.
  11. Took way longer than I'd like to get this next update out, but I wanted to finish a few things before posting this, plus holidays, computer issues, and the whole TFA release and all keeping me busy. Still figuring out what my paint situation will be, but I have some ideas. I had trouble figuring out what to use to make the front sight block, but I found some black acrylic plastic pieces at the science surplus store nearby for $0.15 each I used some plastic cement to get 3 pieces stacked to the right thickness, before cutting out a small rectangle. I then just started shaping it using a bunch of different files, with a little sandpaper thrown in, and a small hand drill for the holes. I went through a couple sight pins befroe I was happy enough with it. Used a screw as the base and used the dremel to grind off the threads and a file to flatten the sides. Forgot to get progress pics of carving the channel into the barrel but after lots of worrying about where to carve, I just went for it and it didnt turn out too bad. The sight is held in by the pressure, no glue, so if need be I can knock it out with a small hammer. After cleaning it up, I used a thin layer of green stuff and the handle of a center punch tool to get the texture on the sight guard. It got a little sloppy at the rear bottom, but should be hidden pretty well. Used some small pins and superglue to attach the front sight guard. Carved out the front bolts enough that I can put the whole screw in, which will be after paint for a better look. Drilled out the bottom holes on the barrel and thinned out every hole to make the barrel thinner. Also attached the bayonet lug. I used this bit, which fit inside the holes and carefully pulled up as I went around the edges until I got to the right thickness. The front hole on the bottom took some special attention since the stock uses it to lock in place. It had to be made much thinner and took some fine tuning with some small files to get it just right. I got a little close to the surface in spots, and was worried in general about the strength so I used some green stuff inside to reinforce it. I found some aluminum spacers that fit perfectly into the stocks holes, so I drilled out the receiver's pivot area to fit in the spacers. The inner diameter of the spacers was a little small for the end caps, so I used a regular drill bit to widen the holes a bit. The spacers now fit into the receiver, the stock fits over the spacers, and the end caps hold the stock arms in place. The only thing left is to drill the holes for the pins that fit through the receiver/spacers/caps to hold it all together. The size and position of the holes makes it a bit tricky to do so I'm still working on it. Will be don for the next update. I carved out a lot of the inner receiver to make the charging handle port much thinner and more in line with the bolt area in terms of thickness. For the bolt area with the charging handle, I used a piece of 2mm styrene and heated it till I got it to curve. I cut a section of that and shaped the end to fit into the charging port. I sanded down the charging handle, and cut a small hole into the bolt strip so I could fit the handle inside and emulate the way the real handle fits into the bolt. I used a 1mm strip of styrene and curved and cut it into shape for the clearing stip. I then cut that piece into 2 sections. One for the charging port and one for the bolt area. The inner barrel from Tino's kit looks great with the thinned out holes and is the perfect length to help work as the inner bolt too. I cut out some small sections towards the front to make room for the front hex screws. One side ended up being cut too much and was visible through one of the barrel holes so I had to fix it a little. I used the wire from Tino's kit to make the spring and plan to use a 5/8in copper pipe and coupling to recreate the rear of the bolt. I haven't finalized this yet so it may still change but an added benefit is some extra weight in the rear to offset the heavy handle of the stock in front. After sanding down the old clearing strip, I started carving out a section for the extractor. This is as far as I've gotten so far, but since my TK kit is now shipping, I'm hoping to get some more done quickly. Next update should have the final assembly of the main body, and hopefully some paint. I'm holding off on the scope, counter, and power cells since they're each involved projects on their own and can be added at any point after the main blaster is done.
  12. Wow, this looks fantastic. Really hope I can do something similar and half as good one day.
  13. Found a nicy happy medium size by just deleting the "th_" from the image urls
  14. Thanks, I had meant to post as I went,but just got a little too lazy lol been working on it since about August I think. I can change the links but the pics show up insanely large so I thought this may be better. If you dont mind the giant pics I can switch it though. Let me know what you guys want me to do.
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