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  1. i found a $5 foam cushion at Academy Sports. it's a squared one inch thick foam pad for bleacher seats. very comfy
  2. Rustoleum Painter's Touch semi gloss white. matches perfectly.
  3. mine wouldn't be for comfort as much for me aesthetically pleasing (clean up all the mess) but mostly because the armor is so light it comes off as cheap. I'll have padding on the parts that will need some cushioning
  4. putting together my Anovos armor, the material feels very light as compared to other armor materials. would it matter to line it with a foam or something to give it more weight/rigidity?
  5. having large legs, I'm having to discard the rear cover strips and fabricate thicker ones. found some no parking signs that are exactly the same thickness as the ANOVOS applied ones. obviously the coloring is off. would it work to paint over these with the ABS paste with a thin coat and sand smooth and polish it out?<br><br> obviously the width will not be accurate, but I want the whites to be uniform. would keep from having to spray paint it with a slightly off color.
  6. I took mine apart and sprayed the halves with 3 coats of Plasti Dip. then I went over it with some leftover hammered paint, and another two coats of Plasti Dip. finish looks amazing
  7. anyone try anything else that works well and can find local?
  8. already done at the wrist and ankles. just took a bit more outta the top so it'll fit better closer to the elbow
  9. I had thought about that. just gonna need to be creative with the curves on the scraps. maybe a swim in some boiling water to flatten them out should probably do the trick. fingers crossed I'll have enough!
  10. ok good deal. I was hoping an angled cut would be the way to go. thanks guys
  11. looking to make shims for a few parts and also to make extra inner shims for all the pieces. looking to match the coloring of the white. I'm aware of the thickness I'll need. thanks!
  12. ANOVOS kit here. trimmed the return edges at the wrist and maaaybe an eighth of an inch at the elbow end. problem is the wrist opening seems too big, about an inch and a half. of course I'll need clearance for the hand plates, but would it make much difference tapering off a bit to close the gap? I'm guessing the cover strip will aid in covering any minor imperfections...thoughts?
  13. yes, those little metal things that stick out of the top. I've looked at electrical fuses but look too big
  14. here's a pic of the full painted piece. I used Krylon primer, followed by Rustoleum hammered black, then several coats of Rustoleum flat enamel. I used high gloss black enamel spray paint from Testors, and also steel colored model paint for the trigger, guard, and bolt.
  15. any idea how to fabricate these or places (in the US) that sell them?
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