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  1. This was a great event! And I got to wear my new MRCE helmet for the first time, it's perfect, and the audio works great on it too! Here's a group picture of all of us out front of Comerica Park on May 4th, Detroit Tigers vs. Minnesota Twins game, they had '80's' Night (hey, Star Wars ESB and ROTJ were 80's!) Me and my new bucket, just on the right of Darth Vader (Chris Black, SL-7189) Links to pics! GLG 501st @ Comerica Park May 4th pics 1 GLG 501st @ Comerica Park May 4th pics 2 GLG 501st @ Comerica Park May 4th pics 3 GLG 501st @ Comerica Park May 4th pics 4 Link to a video of us on a Merry Go Round! From the Detroit News!
  2. Does anybody have advice, on keeping the rubber trim round the neck opening, from black marking the armor? I didn't realize it would mark, and yep, it does! I don't know if there is a sealant I can put on the rubber trim, I'll look around too. ps, I think I figured it out, I bought a bottle of Mothers "Protectant" rubber and vinyl spray. I put that on the trim, and let it set, and then wiped down. I then rubbed it a bit on some white ABS, didn't look to leave any black marks. I'll know for certain after trooping tomorrow night (the bucket gets its first night out at the Detroit Tigers game May 4th, Great Lakes Garrison is part of '80's' Night at Comerica Park!).
  3. One last pic, using a thin sheet of styrene and velcro, I'm covering the SmallTalk amp to protect it from dripping sweat, if it happens! OH, I found my receipt for some of the rubber trim, go to www.weberspump.com and get the WINDOW & AD GLASS RUBBER #RG102, that goes around the base opening of the helmet. I still have to remember the brow trim though.
  4. I'll add, that the mic that comes with the SmallTalk does work good, I've tested it with friends listening, they say it sounds great (almost too clean, they tell me), and I also just put a foam tip on the mic, it's a great unit for the price!
  5. Thanks everyone, this has been quite some time to get this done, but I'm happy with the results! The helmet was painted at an auto body shop, the painter (my friends Dad) did some extra cleanup ontop of what I did for the seams, up in the front mouth area, there are small 'errors', but it's way better than the original MRCE out of the box! These are taken with my upper armor, trying to show the color difference (very slight). Closeups of the battery holders, vocal unit, microphone and fan placements: Yep, not fancy, but it all works, and I can squeeze my head in there too! I still plan to add a power switch for the vocal unit, and make a covering for it, so I don't sweat on it and short it out! There are links to be found right here on the FISD forums, that's where I found the parts, it's been quite a while since I bought them, so I'd have to search myself to remember as well, but it's all here!
  6. I am happy to announce, that I am done messing around with this darn thing! It's DONE! Fans work, speakers work, sounds great, looks great, ready to troop! Sure, it has its flaws, but I'm happy! Comparing my old FX to my now finished MRCE mod: The interior may not be sexy compared to some others, but it's functional! I've got four 9 volt batteries, two fans, a voice unit, 2 aerator speakers, microphone, fan power switch, and hard-hat liner, all velcroed! I do have to get some more better pics, I'm just damn tired right now. Next, to get all my armor on for more photos before our next troop!
  7. I'm having feedback issues. I'm trying to isolate the microphone (the one that came with the small talk), using objects, like a bottle cap, to surround it, and place it directly in front of my mouth, but it's not working very well. Anyone using a different mic, or what have you found that works?
  8. OK, I'm lookin all over the place here, need help! What is the best way to wire up the Hovi-Mix speakers, do I take one black and one read from each, and connect right to the two wires on the uniit? Or do I run these in a series (like, run the red wire from the unit, to a red wire on one Hovi-Mix, and then wire the black wire over to the red wire on the other Hovi-Mix, and then the other black wire back over to the green wire on the unit?). Thanks! ps, just been told to do these in parallel! I think I'll be OK!
  9. Yep, I got mine last week, glad to hear this works great with the Hovi-speakers! I'm actually pretty close to having my MRCE done, having moved my fan system from my FX bucket to the MRCE last night, and hardhat suspension is in place using Velcro (thanks, Craig!). I am going to tear apart the SmallTalk tonight, just wondering if I want to find some kind of kit box to keep it in, as to protect it from the elements.
  10. Not a bad idea, I'm going to have to test it out, thanks!
  11. I may be changing my mind again, lol. The hard hat liner, looks it nearly sits so far up, that the suspension parts wouldn't work, since the MRCE interior is smaller than the FX (obviously). May have to stick with the foam anyway, the kneepads, I don't mind, was just thinking about the possible heat buildup.
  12. Hello! I've decided to take a different approach with my MRCE bucket, and use a hard hat liner, like in my FX. I just like having more air circulation to go around my head, than using the foam. I bought a hard had liner, got it today, from an online store (discountsafetygear.com), but it didn't come with the grey clips. Anyone know who I could ask about those things? Figured I'd ask here, while I get back with the store, and see if they have anything as well. Thanks!
  13. I'm sending a check, written out by a friend (since I've had no time to get a money order), it will clear! It will be on the way!
  14. Just added rubber trim and speaker aerators. Yes, my brow is low, but I am happy with my new bucket, getting closer to being done.
  15. I just discovered this today, the 'SmallTalk Voice Amp for SEA/ Scott Full Face Respirator', found on ebay. Anybody ever use one? For 10 bucks, I might just get it and see what I can do with it, I have speakers in my hovi-mics already, don't want to blow them.
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