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  1. Thanks Dan! I will check out the trim and see about flipping it. M
  2. Matthew Landes 66007 EIB Letter Mario Thank you! My pleasure, and CONGRATS! Here is the link: https://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/66007-eib.png
  3. Thank you Joseph! I am going to start a new thread with the fixes I need to make as I am sure I will need some help M
  4. Thank you very much Mario!! One step closer and looks like I've got some work to do. I will make a new thread about making the necessary adjustments and ask my questions there. For now I will enjoy my new EI status. Thanks, M
  5. Thanks Glen. On the rounded edge front that is how it came from RS unfortunately so not much I can do on that front :/ Hopefully it passes inspection Thanks, M
  6. Thanks Glen. I know you did mention this in my pre approval thread. Given I don't think I can get the ends caps off...should I just try to cut with a razor blade and then bang them in closer to keep them up against the metal clips? My control panel is actually at 4 1/2" so theres not much I can take from there and looking at that reference pic, it actually sites closer to the inside of the metal clips while mine sits at the outside. The other thing is the overall length should be 7 1/4" but mine is right at 7". I could trim some of the end caps, but they then wouldn't sit flush with the metal clips...would that be better than what it is currently? Thanks, M
  7. Thank you Justin! And thank you for all you are doing helping out Hellhounds!! M
  8. Hey Caleb, As Justin said it is! It took a little bit to get it, but boy was it worth the wait!! M
  9. Hey Mario, Sorry about that! Please see below the additional pictures. 1- Left side of your Ab/kidney section to see the 3 rivets location (no need to suit up). 2- Complete Ab belt 3- Thermal Detonator showing the clips both screws 4- Interior side of your thigh ammo pack to see the correct rivet type. both sides Thanks, M
  10. First/last name: Matthew Landes Forum Name: TK Monkus TK ID# 66007 Garrison: Southern California Garrison Armor maker: RS Propmasters Helmet maker: RS Propmasters Cloth belt maker: RS Propmasters Neck seal maker: RS Propmasters Boot maker: Imperial Boots Blaster maker: Hellhounds Props Height: 5'9" Weight: 130 lbs TK type: ANH Stunt Front Back Left Side Left Detail Right Side Right Detail Action Shot Ab Buttons Cod Interior Strapping Wrist Helmet Front Left Right Back Hovi Tips Lens Accessories Neck Seal TD Holster Belt Boots Gloves Blaster Left Right D-Ring Additional Sniper Plate Thigh Ammo Belt Thanks for the inspection! M
  11. Hey Guys, Well I did my first "troop" at Celebration and it was a blast!! I had such an amazing time and met many great people from the 501st. It was awesome to walk around in my armor, but it also helped me find a few other issues that need to be addressed. With Celebration behind us I now want to get my EIB application in, but I have a couple things to fix first. See below some cool shots from the weekend, but they also highlight the issues I am having. First issue is my backplate. I normally had it tucked "inside" the kidney but was told it looked better out, as well as it didn't make noise like it does when tucked in from scraping. After looking through pictures I see that when it is outside the kidney there is a huge gap that you can see through and does not look good at all. This was one reason I initially had it tucked in, but I think it is an issue that just needs addressing. I think this should sit almost flush against my back? Question: Can I trim the bottom of my backplate or is there a better solution? It is really the corners, but it could all probably come up a little bit. Second issue is my sides. Both sides of my ab and kidney still are not lining up. I cinched the belt fairly tight and that helped a little, but they still sit unevenly. I am not sure what the issue is. We thought maybe the thighs (when they were butting into the buttplate) may have been a cause, but those have been trimmed and there is still a mismatch. Question: Maybe I need additional strapping on the inside to hold these level on both sides? If you need any other pictures just ask and I can try and find some, or just suit up and take more. Thanks, M
  12. I would also love to have the one taken by the photographer if anyone can find it. That being said I had a friend take one from my phone. See below M
  13. I added a piece to the inside of the butt plate over the crack so hopefully it stops it from getting bigger. Thanks, M
  14. Thanks Joseph, will do. I was planning to use E-6000 so good to know that will kind of replace the ABS paste. I will post up a pic of the completed once it's dry. Thanks, M
  15. My first crack! I noticed a crack on the top of my butt plate. Pretty sure it is from when I sat down trying to take a picture. My plan is to sand the inside and then score across to make a "T" as I have seen in a couple other threads. Then I think I am going to glue a small piece of ABS to the inside and ABS paste the outside. Once dry I'll sand it down but it will mostly be covered by the bottom of the kidney. Does that all sound like it will work or is there a better way? I saw something about t-shirt fabric and super glue? (in the pic I am pulling it open a bit to give an idea of size, it sits pretty flush) Thanks, M
  16. I guess I kind of already did this on my pre approval thread but figured I would post in the proper section as well. I was approved last week and really could not have done it without the help of many people here at the FISD. It was a long road (and not completely over) with some bumps, but in the end it was way worth it to build my own armor. I have learned a lot and competed something I dreamed of as a kid, so thank you all very much for the help! Can't wait to get out and start trooping. TK66007 ready for duty! Thanks, M
  17. Thank you Mario for all your help through this process! Thanks, M
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