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  1. I didn't make the Saturday event but went on Sunday - absolutely awesome day, topped off with seeing JB in his Fett costume for the first time in over 20 years! Hats off to the guys over at TDH for donating his costume to him..... Jeremy's comment was "this is much better than the actual costume I wore in the movie!"
  2. Looks good dude, bet you're chuffed to get it ready for clearance after 3 years! Good luck bud
  3. 'K folks, went to work on the "eyelids" veeeeeery delicately with a fine blade and some files.....do I need to trim much more away?
  4. Thanks for the positive comments folks. I'll have another look at the eyes, might be tricky to trim the sockets as the lenses are now very firmly glued in place
  5. I finally got my AP TK bucket finished tonight - complete with Stompers Two-Tone HOVI's and Smitty's Lenses (thanks dudes, you are truly masters of your craft!) I'm pleased with the finished version, bit of a squeeze to get my head in but much lighter than my converted MR bucket whaddya think? MR (left) V AP (Right)
  6. Good looking armour Lisa - congrats on the clearance/approval!
  7. A favourite of mine is to "confiscate" hats and such items. Especially lightsabers! "that's a illegal weapon sir!" I also like to "sneak up on people who stand off and watch the fun from a distance. Scares the bejeezus out of em. Anyone in a hooded top immediately becomes a jedi suspect and treated accordingly Bag inspections are always good fun too, accompanied with the usual "you're cleared to procede, move along!" The armor question happens a heck of a lot, "it's imperial issue" works wonders. I've also been asked where I'm from a couple of times, to which I answered "a galaxy far, far away" raises a smile High fives and handshakes are good for engaging nervous kids Another thing to do with the photo op's is to inspect the photo taken and give or deny clearance Just have fun with it dude, you can't script to much, it's crowd interaction that makes a troop and most of the time you just have to think on your feet. Just stay in TK character and roll with it
  8. Welcome to the FISD dude! Are your sets of armour for trooping or display only?
  9. Welcome dude! Take Smitty's advice on the kit, you won't regret it
  10. welome to the FISD dude. That's some serious costume building you've got planned!
  11. That is a truly AWESOME suit dude.....nice one. Your lad must be stoked! He's got the 30 yard stare absolutely perfect!
  12. Nice one dude - well done! That's a good looking set of armor matey!
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