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  1. TI-91701 requesting access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=19361&costumeID=200
  2. Spacing between knee and thigh won't be an issue for EIB or Centurion. I had quite a few emails with RS regarding height being that I'm 6'4" and they didn't seem to worry. As far as RT goes, he is not taking orders currently as he is booked through the end of the year. That is what I am waiting for.
  3. I hope this kit ends up working out for the people ordering it. The main reason I haven't placed an order is simply sizing. Being 6'4" and 230lbs on a good day, I will just be waiting for RT to open his list up for next year. In the mean time I'll finish my TI and rebuild the AM kit I got from a friend.
  4. Between the FISD and the JRS, there are going to be a lot of broke people soon with the new TK's and TI's
  5. Update time: Since my last post I have started building a Tie Pilot, Reserve Pilot, Imperial Crewman so that has taken most of my time and money. I did however end up getting an older AM kit from a friend that happens to be about the same size as me so there are only a few minor size modifications needed. I have started getting everything in order to get it up to CRL standards for 501st approval while accepting the fact I won't be getting EIB or Centurion with it. I know it isn't the best way to go but for the price I couldn't pass it up when 90% of the work was done to fit and approve. Luckily it did come with a RT bucket so I have that going for me whenever I order a new set of armor.
  6. Get yourself a balaclava and keep your beard tucked into it. Easy solution without destroying your whiskers.
  7. I feel this may be one of those too good to be true items honestly. Yes, the pictures and pricing make it tempting, but until some people actually have the kit in their hands for input I wouldn't send them any money.
  8. Your shoulder bells also need to be rotated a little farther toward the front of your body. Not sure if it just an allusion with the pictures, but your forearms look like they are very large and need to be brought in some more.
  9. Most clothing will do this when new. Just give it a wash before hand and it shouldn't be too bad.
  10. This whole thread and I have seen no mention of Gaston Glock, the creator of the Glock brand pistols and other items.
  11. http://www.glassbangers.com/product/limited-edition-dark-side-hockey-club-shirt-ships-week-of-4-13 I know it's not 501st approved, but I ordered one.
  12. Depending on your budget and location there is a thread with both TM ANH Stunt and Hero Buckets for sale in the commissary/PX
  13. Nothing to apologize for. No one here is trying to bash you or bring you down at all. Just giving you the best advise to make sure everything fits correct at the end of the process.
  14. I still would love to see someone actually plastic weld their kit together.
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