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  1. APPROVED!!! WOOOHOOO!!! TK 13737 reporting for duty Feels awesome! Thanks for all the help and guidance along the way! Looking forward to my first troop this Saturday. EIB application coming soon...
  2. Fixed the belt, ab alignment and the arms to biceps strapping. Submitted for approval. Fingers crossed.
  3. I greatly appreciate all the feedback. The adjustments I need seem to be small and very easy to tackle so I'm not concerned at all. Besides I have gotten a lot better at this compared to when I first started and it was hard to make one single cut. I'll adjust the snaps on the ab plate to hold the belt level and closer to the ab button. I can also easily adjust the strapping to make sure the ab plate is completely level.
  4. I left a gap on between the belt and the ab button as per ukswrath's build thread. I've seen some where the belt is flush with the ab button and some where these is space. CRL isn't clear on this. Regarding the thighs, I can definitely trim...didn't want to take too much off from the get to. Always easier to take off material than to put it back.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I noticed the belt was low on some of the front and side shots. The belt was adjusted for the shots from behind so that it was level...the blaster in the holster makes it lower on the left side. Also, since I am thin, I might need to add more velcro to the belt for a tighter fit that doesn't sag. I can adjust the ab section, biceps and forearms...easy fixes. Anything on the thighs?
  6. Not sure I understand your feedback on the belt and cod. Can you clarify what you mean by the belt coming off the top? The cod and ab are split and currently the top part of the cod is behind the ab plate secured with straps.
  7. Here it is...all components completed. I'd really appreciate any feedback and input. One of the key parts that I am still unsure of are the thighs.
  8. More stuff. All the pieces are here. Submitting for approval this week. Thermal detonator with clips from ukswrath Blaster from Hyperfirm Boots from Imperial Boots New shoulder covers from Ruthar
  9. Nice work! Great painting job on the helmet and the buttons.
  10. I ordered my boots on Thurs Nov 5th and got them on delivered to Miami on Wed Nov 11th. Paid the extra $20 for expedited shipping, but well worth it given the speed of delivery. Terrific customer service by Vincent @ Imperial Boots! Went 1 size larger, and the fit is great! Very excited to put the whole ensemble on now that I have all the pieces and accessories.
  11. Welcome to the AM 2.0 journey! Lots of threads with this kit going on...I'm almost done with mine. Here's 2 great and detailed threads to get you started: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/32531-navajo-bros-am-20-stunt-build/ http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31920-ukswraths-am-10-ata-bucket-build/ If you have any questions, ask away!
  12. Almost there. Got my neck seal from Darman and my TD clips from ukswrath (not pictured). Hyperfirm blaster coming this week. Only thing I haven't gotten yet is the boots. Things I need to get done: Finish thermal detonator Attach thigh cover strips Attach knee ammo boxes Redo shoulder covers Rivet cover strips on belt I know the back is a little crooked, one of the snaps failed while taking the pics. The blue tape on the thighs is where I was planning on additional trimming. Also, shirt is not a compression shirt...that's why it looks a little baggy Any feedback?
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