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  1. I confirm that Jeff has helped me with my build
  2. Christopher Baker 69770 Centurion A4 Thank you[emoji4]
  3. thank you for helping me with the photo references. [emoji106][emoji482]
  4. Fixes: Belt and rivet covers. Thigh pack trimmed down more... Reinstalled and painted cap rivets.
  5. Thanks was going to work on installing my knee plate but my daughter is sick... So I will wait till later... Should be posting that fix tomorrow. [emoji4][emoji106]
  6. Thigh pack... Note the cap rivets are the roughly same size as the split rivets from trooperbay. ~8mm Yes I do need to take that edge off totally see it now. Going to install it tomorrow and clean it up for photos. The edge is gone.
  7. First fix belt 10.38mm Cutouts Left side by holster, right side. Me ripping out the old rivets Drilling new holes on the new belt ammo pack. On to the thigh ammo pack...
  8. Thank you I will post with the knee plate and repairs soon. Thanks again for your time. I appreciate your help. [emoji4][emoji106]
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