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  1. If you want it in any near future, buy from someone other than ANOVOS. Turnaround is completely unknown and it's getting harder and harder to get money back if they don't deliver.
  2. Yeah, I agree that nothing is absolute here - just that when you have this kind of history, there's too much evidence that the cycle will repeat when there is no accountability. It's one thing with our vendor building in their garage, but when you build a business, you kind of have to earn the right to keep your business, in my opinion.
  3. Regarding the sentiment that if you push, they may just file bankruptcy and everyone loses - which is a legitimate concern and possible scenario - I believe it's possibly short sighted. I've spent a lot of time reading about the 2006-2008 housing bubble / financial crisis and what all went into it and my overwhelming conclusion from it all is that because people were afraid of "everything falling apart", which were fears largely spread by those in control of the situation (big finance and government), these entities "solved the problem" by taking measures that both reinforced the behavior and strengthened the system that produced such widespread reckless and disingenuous behavior instead of letting natural consequences occur and give the opportunity to let history teach us. If you want to prevent this sort of thing that Anovos is doing, you join in on a just cause and realize you may be protecting a whole lot of people down the road even if you lose what you may have already lost anyways. I kinda wish I didn't fight so hard for my refunds because I'm technically unable to join in, despite the fact that they repeatedly failed in their promises regarding when I would be refunded. And that was before they changed the policy about chatting about refunds. Despicable and very common behavior from a lot of corporations.
  4. I think in my case someone in my crew cut the glue tab off of the shin and we didn't know it for days, but luckily I found it in the scrap pile and just had to reinforce and glue it back on.
  5. That would be cool, but not likely. You? And I love how this has turned into a private chit chat. Better than "didn't get my ANOVOS xyz yet" I suppose. So do you like oranges? How many times have you seen Back to the Future? Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?
  6. Not much time to build these days, but I have a fully built AT-ACT Driver arriving tomorrow just in time for Chicago. I'll be toting the Kenner Vader too.
  7. And I saved every friggin scrap until I was done because we had virtually no reference as to what we were cutting. I think at one point I had to fish out a shin tab.
  8. I don't have a horse in the race because I cancelled all ANOVOS orders a while ago, but I would highly recommend not making this a 501st thing. If people want to complain, that's their choice, but a large 501st-driven complaint campaign might not have entirely positive effects. There are already a lot of fan campaigns out there ("Fire Rian Johnson", "Remake The Last Jedi", "Fire Kathleen Kennedy", etc) so I think this should be simply customers complaining about the retailer and not come off like yet another sect of fandom who "demands" action. So I would remove references to whitearmor.net and also encourage people to write their own note and keep it more personal. Just my thought on it.
  9. Sounds like ANOVOS is shifting into a model where they delay their delays.
  10. Keep in mind too - our Anovos FOTKs were made here by KW in very limited supply at huge cost and everything else is mass produced, cheaper, and more cheaply made.
  11. Thanks for all the cool merch Wyatt and most importantly - for allowing me to throw away my ANOVOS “trashkets” and start enjoying my FOTK. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Yuck. How unfortunate. There will be a lot of troopers in a pinch over this.
  13. I'll back this up and say that Culp helps a ton of our new TKs every year with their builds, often offering his own hardware and using his own tools, and always shoots for the higher levels of accuracy. It's a shoe-in.
  14. And don’t forget custom gaskets and gloves. Yeah, armor is only half the expense on these guys. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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